July 24, 2021

Madrid needs another regulation | sports

Madrid needs another regulation | sports

The park of horrors

Suddenly, what seems blurred becomes clear and vice versa. Valladolid, for example, started hesitantly and in three days won two games that put him in the middle of the table. In the same days, Madrid and Barça fell the power by a precipice. It can be fixed this week. After all, football always paid cash and that's why we accept its condition as a pendulum phenomenon that moves violently in time with the results. They are just suggestions, but be careful with their consequences. The networks exaggerate the swings to such an extent that they end up turning an eighth day match into a matter of life and death. It is terrible for coaches, who have to fight against the hidden forces of perception. Poor In the amusement park that is the League, they never get off the ghost train.


A great coach told me that the defeats made him suffer, but that he had managed not to feel the only culprit after losing a game. It's fine: why kill yourself, if others will already kill you? We are perfecting that persecution so much that an unexpected tie is enough to go out in search of the cause. Nor does it reach with according to what wins because, in these days, the hunters of blame are reaching levels Freudians never seen. If you are a Barça player, for example, and you win without respecting the principles of beauty dictated by the prophet Johan, the triumph will have such a degree of aesthetic contamination that it will put the fans on alert for a disturbing future. In this way, blaming oneself is nothing more than preventive medicine.

With eleven does not reach

These minicrisis put us before surprising reflections. Real Madrid comes out this week asking the following question: how many players do we need to have the ball and how many to create danger? There is a regulatory problem because, if we do well the sum, it needs more than eleven. It will be because of the habit of playing with Cristiano, with whom the accounts always came out. If the center came to the first post, Cristiano nodded, if he went to the second, Cristiano nodded and if he went to the middle, Cristiano nodded. Since the danger was occupied by Christian, there were ten other men left for the less glorious tasks, which are neither few nor easy. This raw week showed that to dominate four midfielders are needed, and to score goals it is not enough with two strikers without voracity. Just as we say that the defense is the responsibility of the entire team, it is time to understand that, in the absence of specialists, the goals are also a collective commitment.

The exceptional as usual

Get used to playing with a portent, that's the problem. Let's look at the Barca, a team that has for years been the refuge of a style and that strengthened the squad with important signings. It is enough that Messi stays on the bench for a while so that all his teammates seem helpless, unable to climb the difficult step that leads to the goal.

Jordi Alba continues running like a plane about to take off, but he has to abort the flight because the ball does not arrive; Dembélé becomes a juvenile full of doubts; Coutinho in a soul in pain; and Suarez, in Toshack's headless chicken. Everyone is waiting for something. Also the hobby and journalism and the Chinese who watch it on television. Enter Messi and the world finds its reason for being. Even the ball remembers that it is round. The problem is fixed, but the threatening question remains: and when it is not?

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