Madrid loses more than 100,000 vaccines due to expiration

Madrid has stopped administering 117,977 vaccines from December 27 of last year to October 29 of this same course. 106,534 of these doses have expired, as recognized by the General Directorate of Public Health in a request for information through the Transparency Portal, published by Cadena SER.

Already last September, the Ministry of Health avoided giving data on the missed vaccines, arguing that no problem related to the expiration date occurred in the Community, as had happened then in Catalan refrigerators with 69,000 unadministered injections.

Now, the Ministry of Health of Madrid blames the Ministry of Carolina Darias for the loss of these doses, which represent 1.98% of all sera delivered to the region (0.89% if it is due to expiration). From the Community of Madrid they affirm that they raised their return with the change in vaccination criteria with AstraZeneca and Janssen, and that it was Darias’s team who rejected them and indicated their destruction.

From the Ministry they argue that Madrid communicated the return of the vaccines when they were less than a month from expiring, and that “recipient countries do not accept items with expiration dates less than three months, due to the complexity of shipments, distribution and vaccination planning “, according to the chain Ser.

In total, 47,450 units from Janssen, another 41,270 from AstraZeneca, 17,070 more from Moderna and 744 from Pfizer have passed the deadline for their administration, along with another 10,254 with problems in the cold chain. The regional Health Minister, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has insisted throughout the vaccination process on the alleged lack of doses, blaming the Ministry: “Vaccine that arrives, vaccine that gets.” The community even went so far as to assure that it had diverted injections, in the form of a loan, to other areas of the country, while the capital remained “in the queue.”

Other communities have also had to discard injections, although to a much lesser extent. The Basque Country only threw out 36 doses, and Melilla has discarded some 2,000 due to breaks in the cold chain, none due to expiration. For their part, Castilla-La Mancha, Navarra, Andalusia and Cantabria also deny having discarded them due to expiration, while the Valencian Community ensures that those that are close to their deadline are sent back to national Health, which has happened with some 240,000 doses.

The portfolio directed by Darias has recognized Madrid’s intention to return Janssen vaccines on October 27, 2021 at 11:03. However, they explain that the expiration was “immediate”, and the recipient countries do not accept items with a maturity of less than three months.


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