“Madrid is freedom, monarchy, avant-garde and, above all, Madrid is Spain”

Accompanied by the 136 members of her list to the elections of next May 4, the president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has vindicated this Wednesday her management at the head of the region, claiming “freedom” against the “hidden pacts” or the “tacticism” of those who it has blamed the progressive government which, it has said, “has not hesitated to attack” Madrid during the pandemic.

The maneuvers to control the PP in the territories and the absorption of Ciudadanos confront García Egea with the barons

The maneuvers to control the PP in the territories and the absorption of Ciudadanos confront García Egea with the barons

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Before the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, the Madrid president has assured that “Madrid is the economic engine” of Spain and “the home of all Spaniards.” “Madrid is a fundamental piece on which national politics is based. Madrid is free territory, it is history, monarchy, vanguard, and, above all, Madrid is Spain,” he insisted, in addition to praising Toni Cantó, the former deputy of Citizens recently signed by the PP, whom he has branded as a “very special Valencian asset.”

Ayuso has been “proud of Madrid’s public health” and the work of the private sector, she stressed that “Madrid is the region with the best trade data” and a community that “under liberal policies is a beacon for Spain.” “Companies will be able to grow freely and the elderly will be safer,” he added. In his opinion, “on May 4, Spain and Madrid will play everything.” “And you have to choose between two options: the reality of the management, the figures and the projects or the dreams and the policies that where they are applied only cause unemployment, misery, hunger and ruin.”

For the regional president, Madrilenians “live where they live, in the wealthiest neighborhood or in the neighborhood with the fewest resources, they want to be free.” “They want to run their lives, their shops, their bars or restaurants. They want to feel proud because their work is recognized. They want to raise their families without depending on anyone. They don’t want anyone to treat them like cattle, tell them which hospital to go to, when to open or why they cannot go to their second residence in the rest of Spain without a health information in hand “, he pointed out. Ayuso has claimed, in short, “to live in Madrid” and has settled: “You come to Madrid to live in peace, to achieve goals, you become free.”

Then Casado took the floor, who has assured that, together with Ayuso, he has been “fighting in the same trench for 20 years, that of freedom.” “Today we present a team of freedom, management, convictions, humble, that wants to improve the lives of its countrymen and that embraces an open society,” he assured, addressing the 136 members of the list for the May 4 elections . Casado has also praised Toni Cantó because, as he has said, the PP “is the sum of many parties.” “We ask no one where he comes from but where he wants to go,” he has settled.

Married: “Talking about Madrid is talking about freedom”

In the opinion of the PP leader, a “arrogant victory” for Ayuso on May 4 will be decisive for him to reach the central executive. “It will be the key for me to become president of the Government.” Because talking about Madrid “is talking about freedom, that there is less and better government” compared to “the Orwellian farm that communism represents, in which some are more equal than others.”

The PP, he added, defends “ideas that are at risk” and which are based on saying the following: “Let us be left alone.” “Those who try to intervene fiscal freedom or intervene in hospitality hours are others. But we don’t care because they have shown that they have nothing to offer Madrid,” he concluded. In his opinion, Díaz Ayuso “is not a person who wants to confront Sánchez”, but rather defends “what his countrymen consider they need must be defended.”

Regarding the Government, Casado has assured that he decreed “a state of alarm on demand, absolutely discriminatory for Madrid residents” and that his candidate for the 4M, Ángel Gabilondo, seeks “to raise taxes and end freedom.” “Here we do not confront anyone. They are the ones who come to destroy the values ​​of freedom, Christian humanism, respect for the nation and the silent majority.” Madrid, he said, is the alternative to the “Frankestein Government that wants to generate a young Frankenstein in Madrid.” “But we are not going to tolerate it,” he said. For all this, Casado has asked the people of Madrid to give a “broad majority” for the PP. “A sufficient majority for Díaz Ayuso to govern without the need to find sticks in the wheels of his administration.”

Likewise, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has been convinced that Isabel Díaz Ayuso will be the next president of the Community of Madrid and will form an “alternative government to that of the nation” presided over by Pedro Sánchez. Almeida has also assured that the Madrid Executive who in his opinion will win the PP will be “the springboard for Pablo Casado to be president of the Government.” “There are 34 days left for Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the PP to win the elections in the Community of Madrid,” he added.


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