June 14, 2021

Madrid hoteliers dismiss the disagreement between administrations as “total irresponsibility”




The closure of Madrid to which the measures approved by the Government would lead have generated a string of reactions among the most affected sectors. For the Madrid Hotel Business Association (AEHM) what happened is «A total irresponsibility the absence of collaboration between administrations to reach an agreement on restrictions in the Community of Madrid ».

The president of this association, Gabriel García Alonso, has shown his «Bewilderment at this confinement perimeter of the capital and several cities that entails, among others, the limitation of capacity and hours ”.

Madrid hoteliers have recalled that they will continue to be one of the main losers in this case, «since, if we barely registered occupancy in our hotels due to international mobility limitations, now we have to face a tough new restriction that will not allow us to accommodate or provide service to clients from other autonomous communities.

From AEHM they have defended that citizenship and health “are above all” and as an example they recalled that 13 hotels were made available to the Madrid Regional Ministry of Health to be medicalized and another 22 for health personnel. More than three others that continue to operate to treat patients with coronavirus, “so our commitment should not be doubted” have pointed out from this business organization.

In any case, Madrid hoteliers have found that economic activity in Madrid will be “severely affected” and not only in their sector but the entire business fabric. In this line, they have predicted «The dismissal of hundreds of workers and the closure of businesses related to hospitality, culture, leisure or small businesses, among others ”.

In his opinion, the “total closure” of Madrid without taking into account the areas with less incidence “It is not just a hasty decision, but a very drastic one”. For Madrid hoteliers, they could first choose to restrict mobility in the most affected areas as has been done so far “and thus avoid the total stoppage of hundreds of companies.”

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