Madrid hopes to accelerate "deadlines" to move from "phases" as soon as possible

The vice-president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has indicated this Wednesday that Madrid is in favor of "saving deadlines" to pass phases "as soon as possible", provided that the criteria set by the Executive are met "from the point of view sanitary".

"Obviously this will have to be discussed with the Government of Spain, we want to see if it authorizes the move to phase 1 next Monday (May 25) and we do not rule out that, meeting the requirements, we can accelerate and present the petition to accelerate phase 2 in the Community of Madrid ", Aguado said in a telematic press conference after the Governing Council meeting.

After affirming that the regional Executive wants to "go from phase to phase as soon as possible" although "safely", Aguado has indicated that he does not take "for granted" that the Government allows Madrid to go to phase 1 on Monday, because In his opinion, "it is proven" that the decision of the Executive in the previous petition "was not technical, but political."

"The situations of grievance and redress are not technical situations, they are political," said the regional spokesman, who has acknowledged that Madrid is going "somewhat blindly" to tomorrow's meeting with the central executive to discuss this issue.

He has assured that the Community does not rule out for the moment taking legal action against the Government's decision not to allow the region to go to phase 1, but that there is no resolution taken at the moment.

"We do not know if they are going to return to the path of technical criteria or continue to insist on politicians (...), but we are going to try through all possible channels and routes for Madrid to pass the phase," he stressed.

Aguado has assured that they are going to be hired "to all the people who have announced that they were going to be hired", and has asked for "a vote of confidence to the Government" in this regard.

The regional vice president, who has ruled out that Madrid pass the phase in an "asymmetric" way, since the region has a single sanitary district, has clarified that what the Government of Spain is asking the Community to do is "have the capacity" to track or do a PCR test.

In this sense, he said that today the ability to perform PCR in Madrid is not a problem, and as for the trackers of suspects or positives with coronavirus, he recalled that 400 more will be incorporated "fundamentally by telephone", reason why Madrid is "in conditions to carry out the tracking and the pursuit".

Regarding the number of incorporated toilets, he said that in the last eight weeks 10,000 have been incorporated, and that "progressively 685 new professionals" are being incorporated.

The Community of Madrid sent the documentation on Monday to ask to go to phase 1 on May 25, after the Ministry of Health rejected the two previous requests.


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