Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Madrid has made a massive purchase of COVID-19 test that will arrive soon

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has assured this Wednesday that she has made a massive purchase of coronavirus tests that she has said she hopes will arrive “very soon” in the region.

“The Ministry (of Health) has given us an amount, but with this we have not even reached a district in the city of Madrid,” he said in statements to Telecinco.

Testing is essential, he argued, for two reasons: the first, to find out who is contaminated and can, in turn, infect others, although if everyone stays at home and complies with the measures, this first part is solved , and the second reason is to know “the truth” and know “what lies ahead and how things are working”.

Díaz Ayuso has highlighted the importance of knowing the exact number of people infected to put it in relation to the number of deaths from the coronavirus.

The Madrid president has acknowledged that “it may give the feeling that Madrid health is not working”, but she has been convinced that when this happens and the truth of what has happened is known, how many people were infected, how it worked and what was achieved, “the citizens will be very proud of their health.”

“We are fighting in the markets to bring material because we could not wait any longer,” explained Díaz Ayuso, who estimated that focusing on a single command did not work and that since Thursday night has done nothing but call all the world and make arrangements.

“The buying and selling of China not like in Europe, every morning starts from scratch and you have to carry the money with you. You have to have someone who is there and it gets complicated,” he explained.

If it is proven that there is a drug that works against the coronavirus, “we will pursue it because everything in our hands we will do,” he said.

“We need this nightmare to pass as soon as possible. We are not going to skimp on resources or work to give health and citizens and health workers the solution,” he stressed.


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