May 13, 2021

Madrid has a problem with the classics

Madrid has a problem with the classics

The Barça came more leader of the classic played in Madrid. Pesic's team was very superior to Real Madrid. The final difference did not reflect the degree of control that Barça had during most of the game. The duel was always in hands azulgrana. Pesic, Heurtel and Pangos moved the classic at will and found no answer at Madrid. In the «Pesic era» the Laso team has a problem with the classics. The balance is 2-6 since the arrival of the Serbian Barca bench.

«With two balls you get until they punish you !!!» or «They put plugs under the hoop !!!> It was Laso's two sentences with which he started his first timeout when only five minutes had passed. Barça had started with the overalls on. The Madrid wore the white shirt and thank you. The azulgrana took off soon (3-13 after a partial 0-11), but the slogans of Laso in his party 600 to the front of the Madrid gave momentary result. Llull served as commander in chief and led a partial of 12-2 to immediately restore the balance (15-15).

Barça felt more at ease. He did not need to show it with excessive authority, but the Madrid was always in tow. It is the dynamic that the classics have lived since the arrival of Pesic on the Catalan bench. His team has a deposit that less than a year ago was not guessed even in the bowels of the Palau. Confidence in Singleton or the performance of the bench players are two of the "Pesic effect" tests. Two of the side, Kuric and Smits, managed to score five three-pointers without failure in the second quarter and that Barca had the Whites controlled. If not all, yes to the majority. Llull was the rebel in the first quarter (11 points). Carroll also escaped from the bonds. With 15 points before the break he was in charge of counterattacking Barça's aim (7/12 in triples in the first two quarters) and that the damage was minimal (40-45).

The feeling that the party was moving as they wanted Pesic and Heurtel increased in the return of the locker room. ANDThe Serbian technician bet for a quintet with three short ones (Pangos-Heurtel-Kuric) and Madrid again collapsed (47-57). Barça basketball was more fluid, but the differences were never decisive. The azulgrana did not escape beyond the ten points and with much suffering and the locals remained standing to face the last ten minutes (57-62).

But the hieroglyph of Barça was unsolvable for Madrid. If the Madrid was approaching, a small acceleration led by one of the three short ones. Barça entered the final five minutes with their maximum difference (66-76) and Madrid was unable to get a new grip. "We started very cold, without intensity, with a horrible first time. It is true that we later had more energy, but we made many mistakes », he was able to define Laso in Movistar +. The Madrid since the arrival of Pesic to the bench of Barca has a problem with the classics.

76. Real Madrid (17 + 23 + 17 + 19): Llull (13), Causeur (2), Taylor (9), Randolph (9) and Tavares (2) -quintet holder- Carroll (15), Campazzo (7), Yusta ( 0), Ayón (10), Thompkins (7) and Reyes (2).

82. Barcelona Lassa (17 + 28 + 17 + 20): Heurtel (15), Ribas (2), Claver (12), Singleton (7) and Tomic (6) -quintet holder- Blazic (0), Oriola (10), Pangos ( 8), Kuric (13) and Smits (9).

Referees: Count, Calatrava and Sánchez Sixto. Without eliminated.

Incidents: 12,000 viewers in the WiZink Center. Match corresponding to the twenty-fourth day of the Endesa League.

Results 24th round: BAXI Manresa, 83-San Pablo Burgos, 86; Iberostar Tenerife, 60-Delteco GBC, 67; Cafés Candelas Breogán, 92-Montakit Fuenlabrada, 96; Movistar Students, 86-UCAM Murcia, 110; Unicaja, 74-Monbus Obradoiro, 63; Tecnyconta Zaragoza, 81-Kirolbet Baskonia, 79; MoraBanc Andorra, 99-Herbalife Gran Canaria, 85; Valencia, 93-Divina Seguros Joventut, 80 and Real Madrid, 76-Barcelona Lassa, 82.


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