May 11, 2021

Madrid Firefighters disinfect 17 nursing homes

The Firefighters of the Madrid City Council have, for the moment, carried out disinfection work in 17 nursing homes and geriatric centers in the capital where there have been or may have been cases of coronavirus.

This decontamination work has been carried out at the request of the Community of Madrid and within the framework of collaboration in the face of this crisis established between the regional and municipal governments.

As reported by the Madrid City Council in a press release, until last Sunday firefighters have disinfected 17 residences and geriatric centers in the capital.

The non-commissioned officer of the Madrid Fire Department, Mario Martínez, details in a video that the teams are made up of two vans, with four troops each.

The work of this body has also focused on supporting members of SAMUR-Civil Protection, with disinfection work for health personnel after the transfers of potential coronavirus patients by ambulance to hospitals.


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