Madrid does not give up the Olympic Games as long as there is consensus between administrations

The Madrid City Council has reiterated that the capital "does not give up" to be a candidate to host the Olympic Games, although it would only be presented with the "greatest possible consensus" between administrations and public representatives because it is a "country" project.

This was stated on Thursday by the municipal spokeswoman, Immaculate Sanz, in the subsequent press conference of the Government Board, in which he recalled that the candidacy of Madrid "is not a closed issue" and that the mayor, José Luis Martínez -Almeida, has said "on occasion" that Madrid "deserves" to host that event.

Sanz has said that being a "great capital in all aspects", Madrid would be a "great hostess" for the Games.

"We do not renounce that this can occur. There is a period until we have to decide on that possible candidacy or not," added the spokeswoman for the municipal government of PP and Citizens.

However, Sanz has clarified that this candidacy "should always be agreed between all administrations, local, municipal and national, and also among the various public representatives."

"We understand that it has to have the highest degree of consensus possible because it is a project not only of the city, but of the country, of Spain," said the delegate of the Security and Emergency area.

"We would very much like it to be produced," he said. "We still have time to continue advancing in these conversations and achieve a degree of consensus, if it could be reached, to see the options we can have," the spokeswoman said.

After the Games to be held next summer in Tokyo, the editions of 2024, to Paris, and 2028, to Los Angeles (USA) are also granted, so the next ones to be awarded will be the 2032 Games .E


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