August 6, 2020

Madrid disconnects against Girona and loses

So much effort, so much paddling to fall when the storm had passed and the time finally seemed clear. There is something in Madrid that prevents him from being constant and keeping the attention also on days that do not seem important, but that are. The Girona that added up to 13 games without winning and that received a goal against, won at the Bernabeu. The team that had tied at the Camp Nou, won in the Wanda and he had come out alive from the Amsterdam crash, he was unable to hold his goal, relaxed to the point of danger, suddenly disconnected and letting, again, the League train. Casemiro ahead of Solari and everything seemed to go as it should: a victory, quiet, a day without much effort to regain strength, the typical game to de-stress. But they went hand in hand. You have to keep the forms, you have to show interest also on Sunday mornings, against Girona. Madrid did not and Girona was advancing, step by step, losing the fear and going back in a second half in which it was superior to a rival who remembered that of this autumn.

He did not make too many Solari changes, but they were decisive. Especially the absence of Vinicius. The young footballer has to rest, but they will not leave him. Without it, the team has no mordant. He was Asensio, active at the beginning, but that went off like the rest of the team and ended up substituted in the second half. The Girona did not say anything during the first half, self-conscious, but the Solari did not take advantage. It was an intermittent team. He insisted a lot on the right with Lucas Vázquez and the speed of Odriozola, who started for Carvajal. The young white right-back must ask himself a question: for what? It's not all about running, but about doing it clearly and looking for a goal. On the other side, Marcelo went through the game without making a noise: what a nostalgia the team and the fans of Marcelo have had. The local team once arrived, but there was neither the hunger of other times nor the competitive spirit. As if he had gone all the force in these last two weeks, you also win, as if fighting for the League of truth, seriously, in any circumstance and condition was an excess. Too many fronts open for Madrid. The match was a monotonous tone, rather tedious, but the score was in favor.

It was changing after the break. Eusebio moved his team and made them understand that it was necessary to take advantage of the extinguished lights of the rival. The Girona was becoming great, while Madrid lost the site in a resounding way. Casemiro arrived late at any place, out of place, maybe injured, as if he had lost the inner compass and could not find the north. Madrid fell apart, dramatically. Maybe exhausted. He did not reach the top until Vinicius went out to alter the blood a bit. But it was late. Varane lost force and Ramos did not cover the gaps or find the temper, until he was expelled.

The Girona found a place everywhere. He arrived several times, he found the clubs and scored an irrefutable penalty. It was time to wake up for Madrid and he did not. Solari ended up playing with Mariano, Bale, Vinicius and Benzema as another midfielder, but lacked consistency and maybe spirit. He scored the rival and they escaped three points to the team that came to feel so comfortable with himself. That this team is not capable of being happy too long in a row.


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