January 23, 2021

Madrid dawns without buses, with Metro cuts and without flights in Barajas

Madrid, Jan 9 (EFE) .- The Community of Madrid woke up this Saturday covered with a thick blanket of snow that prevents mobility in much of the region, including the capital, where the Barajas airport has had to suspend activity For the whole day, buses cannot circulate, there are occasional cuts in Metro and vehicles can only move with chains.

The crisis committee of the Inclement Plan of the Community of Madrid has remained meeting throughout the night, the emergency services continue to work at points where cars have been trapped, and 112 advises against using vehicles unless it is “absolutely necessary “, and in this case the use of strings is mandatory.

For its part, the emergency services of the Madrid City Council have worked all night and at 9.30 the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, the delegate for Emergencies and Security, Inma Sanz, and the delegate for Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante, They will meet with police officers, firefighters, Samur, Social Samur, environment and mobility, among others, to analyze the situation.

Metro de Madrid has suspended the circulation of trains on Line 10 between the Tribunal and Casa de Campo stations, as well as in the section between Las Tablas and Virgen del Cortijo of the ML1 due to the accumulation of snow, cuts that will continue around 4 hours.

In the capital throughout this Saturday, parks, sports and cultural facilities will remain closed, there will be no garbage collection or clean points will be open and there will not be regulated parking service (SER) until Monday.

It is expected that until noon the red alert will remain in the Metropolitan and Henares and south, Vegas and west areas, an alert that will turn orange until the end of the day; the mountains, for its part, will remain on orange alert for snow and frost throughout the day.


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