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Madrid clings to its cadets | sports

Madrid clings to its cadets | sports

Without Isco, but with Ceballos and a handful of apprentices, the Real Madrid He took his duel with Betis at the last minute. He did it after a first stage in which he had no opponent and with a final sigh after being overcast all the second time. With Isco again arrested, it was the match of Valverde, Reguilón, Vinicius, Cristo and Brahim. And, of course, of Ceballos, to which the winning toast returned home. Things of football: Madrid did not close the game when it was a shot and Betis went to the bottom when he had better rowed, when the team had already shaken the initial drowsiness. Madrid prevailed when it was better (before the break) and also when it was worse.

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Both mime grants him the Betis to the ball that, at times, ends up singing a lullaby to himself and misinterprets his apologetic touch. It happened to him in the first act. So morose with the ball, lacking of march, of some rocker, of some dissident who approached the spaces, that put a little vertigo. Sometimes, the Betic case is unique: nobody is more intrepid than goalkeeper and defenders. It happens that after circulating at the edge of the precipice to give the game to the reel from the cave, it turns out that from midfield it is hard to get rid of it. The team is anesthetized and the adversary throws confetti. It was celebrated by Real Madrid, infinitely more direct and spicy until the break.

From the outset, the two technicians altered their usual blackboard. Setién subtracted a central and added a flyer. Solari acted in the opposite direction and ordered a defense with three central and Carvajal and Reguilón by the banks. What did not change the Real Madrid coach was the position of Isco. The same is true that Kroos, Asensio, Lucas Vázquez and Bale can not review. Today, Isco is very, very substitute.

With the touch-ups, until the second time Betis was a set without bite. So blank that his battering ram, Sanabria, did not leave any crumbs. So atypical can be the group of subversive and bizarre Setién that Canales, who was never a carpanta of the goal, was the one who most endangered originated. So surprising is this Betis that no one is more squeamish than Joaquín, who still faces and pedals with changes of rhythm at 37 years old.

Madrid felt in slippers, delighted before a contemplative opponent with the ball that left horizons to attack. He checked it before the quarter hour, when Carvajal arrived at the area and his shot was rejected by Bartra in the direction of Modric. The Croatian put together a great left foot. To the Real it was enough to defend with the glance of gregarious form and to open gas by the ways of Vinicius or Benzema. A braid between the two was about to seal successfully the Brazilian, again plugged, explosive in the race and also with some geometric assistance. Like the one he gave to Valverde, who spent the night before Pau and Barragán closed the blind. For the local team Keylor Navas was a lunar summit. In handball the referees would have decreed one passive after another.

Betis, 1 - Real Madrid, 2

Betis: Pau López; Barragán, Mandi, Bartra, Francis (Tello,
m.67); Lo Celso, Willian Carvalho, Guardado (Boudebouz, m.85), Canales;
Joaquín and Sanabria (Loren, m.87).

Real Madrid: Keylor Navas; Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Nacho; Reguilón
(Ceballos, m.73), Modric, Casemiro, Valverde (Brahim, m.82); Vinicius
and Benzema (Christ, m.46).

Goals: 0-1, M.13: Modric. 1-1, M.68: Channels. 1-2, m.88: Dani Ceballos.

Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández (Las Palmas Committee).
Amonestó to the local ones Saved (m.04) and Carvalho (m.86) and to the visitors
Modric (m.35), Sergio Ramos (m.42) and Valverde (m.62).

Incidents Match of the nineteenth round of LaLiga Santander,
disputed in the Benito Villamarín stadium before something more than 54,000

Brave as few, Setién warned the mummification of theirs with the ball and after the interval another Betis reappeared. Nothing to do with his flaccid previous version. The boys of Setién were shot, finally a bold team, with remangue and emotional. Suddenly, Madrid, already without Benzema, with a fractured finger just before the interval, was cornered, without remedy for the government, without flight for his unpublished and front cadet: Vinicius and Christ. With them, Reguilón and Valverde, novice recruits, the whole of Solari was at the mercy of an unleashed, vibrant opponent. Solari rectified his defensive ordinance and moved to a line of four, with Nacho as left-back. Without support with the ball or relief without it, the Argentine coach also appealed to Ceballos and Brahim, with Isco on the bench, without even a supporting role for the opening act.

Del Betis moroso to a Betis who tried the tail wind and screwed Madrid, already harassed by Joaquin and Tello, another electrifying player. The Celso grew and even more Channels, on which the green and white gravitated until hitting the target. Precisely of the Cantabrian footballer, who put the tip in time before Keylor after a clinical pass of Lo Celso. There was suspense with the VAR, but Carvajal prevented Canales from being out of place.

A crucial lack

For Madrid all the omens were negative. For the chest of his adversary and his alignment sewn by the circumstances. Nothing suggested another outcome other than the local victory. Or the tie. But football is full of unforeseen winks, storytelling scripts. Ceballos, cradled in Betic, was received with a soundtrack of whistles. The man endured the downpour and found the best possible formula to silence his exparroquianos. A step from the end, the Andalusian was pointed to the launch of a foul on the balcony of the area. Ceballos holed while Pau, local goal, made two mistakes. The barrier was not properly aligned and his reaction was delayed.

Ceballos, of Betic heart, left the Betis frustrated, to which his lift of the second time served. Ceballos, a Real Madrid affiliate, prevented Real from falling apart at LaLiga. And, in passing, sealed a triumph that may suppose an overdose of self-esteem for a team knitted with pins, with the infirmary at its best, players sentenced to the room to think and others who seek to graduate in a hurry. 10 points behind the leader, but Madrid still resists as best they can. Even with the lead of Castilla. And without Isco, and without Marcelo. Evident signs that Solari intervenes and has decided to dive in the quarry and in a youth squad. No one can deny his daring adventure.

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