Madrid believes it has won the first battle by overcoming the collapse in hospitals

The vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has assured this Friday that the Madrid health system "is not collapsing" so they have "won a first battle" with the coronavirus, and given that confinement is not the "definitive solution" has asked the central government for new measures.

Aguado pointed out in an interview with RNE that lower healthcare pressure is being detected in hospitals, and in a message on his official Twitter account, he specified that in 24 hours people hospitalized and in Intensive Care Units have dropped by 512 hours ( ICU).

"We have won the first battle," said the vice president, but warned that to overcome the virus, not only confinement is necessary, so the central government needs plans to see "what will happen next."

In this sense, it has proposed the mandatory use of masks for the population and the carrying out of massive tests, in order to move from "collective confinement" to one "individualized" and that the protection be according to "the characteristics of each person".

Facing this escalation, Aguado has also asked the head of the central executive, Pedro Sánchez, to "agree" to these measures for de-escalation among the social agents, political groups and the autonomous communities, because "today there is no doing, "he lamented.

Aguado has said that he is detecting "improvisation and not foresight" on the part of the Government, and in this regard he has asked Sánchez that instead of opting for "unilateralism" in decision-making, use "consensus" with political groups, because if you do not follow that path, you have warned, you would make a "mistake".

In this sense, he regretted that the leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, left her meeting yesterday with Sánchez "cold" because after 40 minutes of telematic meeting the Prime Minister did not make any proposal.

According to Aguado, the government should go hand in hand with parties like Ciudadanos and not with Unidas Podemos to the European Union, because "it is easier to get financing with liberal parties like Ciudadanos than with populists like Podemos." AND


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