August 3, 2021

Madrid begins as finished

Madrid begins as finished

ANDThe third quarter ended with a basket from Llull, on one hand, from far away, as if Real Madrid needed it to defeat the rival: in reality he finished those ten minutes with 38 points, 22 more than the opponent in the overall score, in a basket festival of Laso's in his return to the Euroleague. The Darussafaka was content to maintain the distance around the twenty points, without any chance of beating a runaway champion, but trying to keep the pace in a funny shock, without precautions and without looking back, as an invitation not to miss a encounter of this competition that has just started and that Real Madrid likes so much.

Because this is very long and we know that what matters is how it ends, but the way to start says a lot about the attitude with which the competition is faced, what ambition the current champion has. No one has won twice in a row since Olympiacos did in 2013 and the Laso team wants to continue signing some amazing records. His victory against the Darussafaka was a declaration of intentions, a way of situating himself in Europe and making it clear that without Doncic he has not changed one whit the white ambition nor the ability to not give any possibility to the opposites

Everything worked as it should. Relying on the start of Randolph, the great game of Tavares and Campazzo and the scoring power of Llull, Taylor and then Carroll, Madrid opened a gap at the beginning and the distance was enormous for the Turkish side. When he was 11-2 on the scoreboard, the Turkish team almost said goodbye to the match. It was the American Michael Eric who kept his face during those minutes.

But there was no way against Madrid. When you get into that rhythm, the only thing you can do is follow it as close as possible. With a special success from the line of three, the whole of Laso lived a night dedicated to the party, the attack, without worrying about the points that the rival was also adding.

It was in the second quarter that McCallum wanted to lead his people. Anyway, Madrid did not lose the pace or if he did, he recovered it immediately. It came to rest with a 53-38, thanks to a triple from Rudy Fernandez.

Even the locals did not hesitate to relax in attack and reach the end of the match sailing with the income obtained. He did not leave Randolph, who did not enjoy more than any and made the rival suffer. He came out of the break with a triple to make it clear that the party was not over and that the plan was to exceed one hundred points.

That third quarter was the festival, when both teams decided that defending in a match like that was a waste of time and too boring to do it on the first day. Other more complicated days will come in which you have to pay attention and worry about the opponent's points. The shock, already without competitive emotion, became crazy in the third quarter, with the icing on the basket of Llull, which left with 22 points of advantage to the locals.

The last ten minutes were like a training for the shooters, only in the official match. Carroll appeared to leave his mark, while the public of Madrid enjoyed the first performance of his team in Europe. Laso's group overcame the hundred-point barrier six minutes before the match ended. The important thing is how it ends, but not bad, until then, have fun.


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