April 11, 2021

Madrid already processes more than 15,000 ERTES and will give aid to the self-employed in 30 days

The Community of Madrid has already processed more than 15,000 temporary employment regulation files (ERTES) during the coronavirus crisis, which wants to alleviate with direct aid of 3,200 euros to the self-employed affected, which could begin to be granted in around 25 or 30 days.

The regional councilor for the Economy, Employment and Competitiveness, Manuel Giménez, detailed this Tuesday the measure, which the Government Council hopes to approve tomorrow, in an interview with Intereconomía Radio collected by the Agencia Efe.

This aid of 3,200 euros is a “direct and immediate payment” for individual freelancers affected by “a stoppage of their activity caused by Covid, and with the commitment to continue registering for rent for the next 12 months,” he also detailed. the counselor. “To begin with” there will be an endowment for this of 5 million euros.

The application period will be “in the next few days” and the aid will begin to be delivered “in about 25 or 30 days”, “half the period in which it would normally be available”.

As the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, pointed out last week, the Minister of Economy predicts that the Gross Domestic Product of the region will fall between 4 and%, and assures the forecasts of job loss would not be correct because it is unknown the duration of the crisis and how many of the layoffs will be temporary or not.

Giménez has indicated that he is not in favor of further restricting activity “unless for strictly sanitary reasons it was a requirement” because he understands that it has been “enormously” restricted, although he has indicated that he does not know “the official position” of the Community of Madrid about.


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