July 26, 2021

Madrid allocated 15 million euros to aid victims of terrorism in 2019

The Community of Madrid, through the Commissioner of the Government for the Assistance to Victims of Terrorism, allocated 15 million euros to aid for victims and relatives of terrorism in 2019, from which 1,200 people have benefited since it was approved almost a year and a half the Regional Victims Law.

The Law for the Protection, Recognition and Memory of Victims of Terrorism, which was approved in October 2018 at the Madrid Assembly with the support of all groups and the abstention of Podemos, was born with the aim of “expressing recognition and pay tribute to the victims of terrorism in the Community of Madrid “.

It is a law with retroactive effect since January 1, 1960 and that includes aid aimed at those who, having a relationship with the Community of Madrid, suffer a terrorist action, as well as the entities that represent and defend their interests.

For the processing and management of the aids contemplated in this ordination, the regional government created the Commissioner of the Government for the Attention of the Victims of Terrorism, also in order to guarantee the interlocution with the victims.

The Community has taken stock of this organism’s activity, which shows that 15 million have been granted in aid in 2019 – a figure to which another 5 million will be added this year – and also indicates that there have been eight subsidized associations and 183 victims who have had free access to the sports facilities that the Community made available to them.

Likewise, the Community notes that 1,200 requests for assistance have been reported “favorably” so far, on the 1,526 registered since October 2018, to which subsidies are added to entities that represent and defend the interests of the victims of terrorism

The calls answered by the Commissioner have been 1,867, and 688 inquiries have been received by email.

The Madrid Executive has granted 300,000 euros in aid to eight of these entities: the Association of Victims of Terrorism (58,294 euros); Victim Aid Association of 11M (52,736 euros); Victims of Terrorism Foundation (50,000 euros); 11M Association Affected by Terrorism (40,000 euros); Miguel Ángel Blanco Pro-Human Rights Foundation (40,000 euros); Rodolfo Benito Samaniego Foundation (40,000 euros); Dignity and Justice Association (13,710 euros) and Platform Support Association for Victims of Terrorism (5,258 euros).

Likewise, in April 2019, the Governing Council approved an update of the catalog of services and activities available to victims, which made the free use of sports facilities in the Community of Madrid available to them.

Since then, the Government has received 239 requests for access to these resources, of which 183 have already been recognized and another 48 are pending resolution.

The group can also access free of charge cultural centers dependent on the Community, such as the garden of the Castle of Manzanares el Real, but, so far, has not received any request from any person in this group, has detailed the Regional government.

The Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims of Terrorism, Enrique López, said in statements sent to the media that the balance of the application of this law is “very positive” and has transferred the support of the Madrid Executive to the collective and associations of victims of terrorism

Some of the economic measures contemplated in the law are those related to the right to compensation for death and physical or psychological damage to victims of terrorist attacks committed inside and outside the borders of the State.

This benefit will be equivalent to 30 percent of the aid granted by the General State Administration in the same case.


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