January 26, 2021

Madrid agrees with unions to recognize the coronavirus as a work accident

The Ministry of Health has agreed on Monday with the unions to recognize as “occupational accident” the infection of health professionals by coronavirus, and has announced that screening tests will be expedited based on “clinical criteria” without waiting for Public Health authorization.

These are the decisions discussed with the unions of the Sectorial Board of Health -Satse, CCOO, Amyts, CSIT-UP and UGT-, as reported by the five members of the table in a joint statement agreed with the Madrid Health Service (Sermas) , has confirmed to Efe the secretary of Health of UGT, Julián Ordóñez.

Since UGT celebrate these decisions and stress “the importance of expediting the taking of evidence“To detect the coronavirus, which now” will be done only by clinical decision and without having to wait for the authorization of the General Directorate of Public Health. “

According to Ordonez, this meant “delaying the test for a few hours, enough to generate stress and uncertainty in those affected.” Now it will be decided “for symptoms or for having had contact” with someone infected.

The secretary also highlights the benefit for health professionals, especially those of private health, which is the decision to recognize as “occupational accident” the infection of the coronavirus “by exposure in the work environment.”

So, If a professional is infected with the Sars-Cov-2 virus outside of work, it will be classified as a “common disease”, but if the infection has its “exclusive cause in the performance of work”, it will be classified as a work accident.

Madrid health has “more than 100,000 workers between public and private”, and the fact that a worker “is isolated at home without having symptoms for having been in contact is an economic disaster,” according to Ordonez for whom this recognition it depended “on a political will” and that it is “important for all”.

Further, If those affected have sequelae or subsequent complications, the declaration of an accident at work in the future is essential “, continues the unionist who hopes that the measure “will have retroactivity at the start of the coronavirus crisis.”

On the other hand, Health has informed the unions of the start this Monday of the telephone follow-up of people in home isolation by their Primary Care center.

As for the personal protection teams, which face a situation of “international shortages and real difficulties”, from Sanidad they have informed the unions that “they are doing everything possible.”

From Madrid Public Health they have sent a letter to the Ministry of Health requesting “expedite the centralized purchase at European level” and also nationally.

The medical union AMYTS, for its part, emphasizes “the need to have a direct and exclusive communication telephone between doctors with Public Health, Occupational Health and SUMMA112”, since the toilets have to use the same 900 telephone enabled by the General counseling, which is a long wait for a professional consultation.

The Ministry also informed the unions of the hiring, with 301 reinforcement contracts plus the renewals of the flu contracts, but the unions emphasize that the greatest shortage is that of doctors, since for Summa the stock exchanges have been exhausted job.

Secretaries Teresa Galindo (Satse), Rosa Cuadrado (CCOO), Julián Ezquerra (AMYTS), Rosa Vicente (CSIT UNIÓN PROFESIONAL) and Julián Ordoñez (UGT) participated in the sector table on Monday. Efe


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