April 10, 2021

Madrid accelerates | sports

Madrid accelerates | sports

In Real Madrid the state of optimism has been declared just when a long stage has reached him himalayesca. With his victory against Alavés he already has Atlético, his next opponent in LaLiga, within one shot and two points closer to Barça (to eight). By the way, Benzema does not move a millimeter away from the best Benzema seen in white, progresses with goals Vinicius and no longer have pupa Marcos Llorente, Kroos, Bale, Asensio and Mariano -author of the goal of the night-.

Real Madrid, 3 – Alavés, 0

Real Madrid: Courtois; Odriozola, Nacho, Ramos, Reguilón; Modric, Casemiro, Ceballos; Bale (Asensio, m.63), Benzema (Mariano, m.75), Vinicius (Isco, m.87). Not used: Navas, Llorente, Javi Sánchez.

Alavés: Pacheco; Vigaray, Laguardia, Maripán, Duarte; Burgui (Rolan, m.67), Manu García (Guidetti, m.81), Pina, Wakaso, Jony; Calleri (Calleri, m.81). Not used: A. Domínguez, Marín, Navarro, Perera.

Goals: 1-0. M. 30. Benzema. 2-0. M. 80. Vinicius. 3-0. M. 91. Mariano.

Referee: Jaime Latre. He admonished Laguardia, Burgui and Wakaso. VAR: González Fuertes.

Santiago Bernabéu, 53,132 spectators.

On the way to the alpine month of February that awaits you, to the rambunctious Real Madrid of the last weeks the Alavés crossed him: everything a nuisance. The hard-working boys of Pitu Abelardo are a can for anyone. The meritorious Vitorian team is an articulated set to play so that the opponent does not play. Especially if in the winter market they swipe Sobrino and Ibai, the goal and the touch. But few know how to handle like Abelardo. The same coach who a year ago dared to register with the then bottom, team that today has the summits of LaLiga. Method does not lack. The ball is foreign to him, so he does not hesitate to face challenges against big adversaries without counting the ball. It is not his business, except in plays with the ball stopped, when it is more obedient than ever. His is the worn out sole.

Without monsergas stylists, the Alavés was planted in Chamartín very crowded with a 4-5-1 with his striker Calleri ready to pull broom in his own field. The Abelardo blocked the central funnel and forced his opponent to windshield football. From shore to shore, Madrid had no choice but patience. It was deployed orthodoxly while waiting for a slit. The Blue and Whites, grips in their rear gregarious, hardly gave any distant shot.

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Surprised Solari with the new sitting of Marcelo. Not for the first time, but for the Alavés profile, which only gives air from the sides. In short, a shock painted for the Brazilian side, who still intimidates more in attack than the emerging Reguilón. Winks of football: Reguilón a lo Marcelo slipped to the massive Alava wing. Without Bale's warnings, Vinicius percused more than stopped in speed. With so much crocodile in the middle it was a matter of checking the assistant side of the Brazilian. After half an hour, Vinicius traced a service he had practiced minutes before with Benzema. A filtered diagonal pass between the side and the center. This time, his great assistance to Reguilón led to the first goal. The canterano, without delay and with punctuality, quoted in the network to Benzema. In these enlightened times, Benzema, who was already very much a relative of CR, is a lot of Benzema: sum goal and soul. And if he did not catch the second goal (maybe he would have lent it to Bale) it was because of a flagrant error of a line precipitated unnecessarily. The VAR discourages the rush to indicate the outsiders. He was not to the French striker when he went to snack with Bale with Pacheco alone as a visitor armor.

With the only toast of French, the second act still had intrigue. Solari, who did not summon Lucas Vázquez, categorical relief of Bale, wanted to shake the Welshman. From the outset, he transferred to the left side, sector from which Vinicus has taken off during the umpteenth downside of the Briton. A shot rejected by Pacheco was Bale's only certificate before Asensio sent him to reserve. By then, the Alavés already tried to be another, a more stretched team, with more horizons. Plugged into Jony's turbo and a fader like Calleri, Abelardo's men loitered around the Courtois area. But they lacked subtlety. It is not a very virtuous set. And not only lacked auction, but skill to get to the goal waiting room. His was to metabolize his resistant paper and cross his fingers in the opponent's area.

Something thicker than in recent weeks, Madrid could not close the duel, to the chagrin of Solari, forced to administer a terrifying month ahead. The Argentine coach not only parked Bale, also Benzema, his flag player, the author of six goals in the last four games. Solari had the time to review what is coming immediately: Barça (three times), Atlético, Ajax … So he entrusted himself to the extraordinary firmness of Ramos and Casemiro and to some terminal play of the rookie Vinicius and two reappeared as Asensio and Mariano. Bingo. The Spaniard connected with the Brazilian with the help of Vigaray, who kicked the air in his pipy clearance, and Vinicius shaved Alaves completely, who took the edge with a goal from Mariano, thrown on the plate to nod to the old, as Zarra, a lo César, a Santillana …

Turned into something more than a rattle, Vinicius also won the rest before what is coming. Today, his water carrier is Isco, a resource of minute 87 so that the South American is not constipated. The Real Madrid, before a calendar of aúpa, has recovered the step and has emptied the infirmary. Everything is possible, they say by Chamartín.

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