'Madre', by Sorogoyen, nominated for the Oscar 2019 for best short film | Culture

Rodrigo Sorogoyen, at the San Sebastian festival. On video, all Oscar nominations 2019.

Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Madrid, 1981) has won the Oscar nomination for his short Mother, with which he already won in the Goya in 2018. The short tells the drama of a divorced woman who discovers while on the phone with her son that the child is about to be kidnapped on a beach in France. The director has just finished the filming of a length that is the continuation, ten years later, of this drama. It is the seventh time that a Spaniard competes in this category, a prize that has always been resisted.

Sorogoyen is a candidate for the Goya this year for his film The kingdom, which brings together 13 nominations. The film has also triumphed in the awards of the film press association celebrated in Bilbao last weekend.

Sorogoyen's career as a filmmaker is short, but full of successes. He debuted with Peris Romano, in 8 appointments, a film composed of so many stories that crumbled the complex relationships that are established between women and men. Five years later, after working on several television series, he was a solo doctor with Stockholm, a film focused on a couple who just met during a night out and who triumphed at the 2013 Malaga Festival. Their third film, May God forgive us, was a thriller police with political background who was a candidate for six Goya awards.


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