July 29, 2021

Macron wants "a true European army" less dependent on the US

Macron wants "a true European army" less dependent on the US

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, today justified the idea of ​​"a sovereign Europe" that passes in particular by "a real European army" that allows less dependence on the United States to defend itself against new threats.

"I believe in a project of a sovereign Europe," Macron said in an interview with the station "Europe 1" during his six-day tour of the northeast of France on stages of the First World War which commemorates the centenary of its completion.

He insisted that "Europeans will not be protected if they do not decide to have a real European army" against a Russia that "has shown that it can be threatening" or against "authoritarian powers reemerging and rearming in the confines of Europe."

He added that "we must have a Europe that defends itself more on its own, without relying solely on the United States."

The French president said he intends to work "with all the states" of the European Union (EU) and refused to create blocks and that is opposed to governments with strongly nationalist discourses: "we must not underestimate the people who have chosen them. "

Macron insisted that "our responsibility is to listen to the fear and anger" of the European public opinions "against an ultraliberal Europe that no longer allows the middle classes to live well", a phenomenon that in his opinion was behind the result of the referendum on the "brexit", the UK's exit from the EU.

The French president noted that since he governs has made progress in some European initiatives, and cited in particular the reform of the directive on posted workers.

But he stressed that "we have to go further", among other things with the tax for internet giants. "Our great challenges are European," he said.


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