May 17, 2021

Macron favorable to the possibility that there are police officers in schools

Macron favorable to the possibility that there are police officers in schools

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, today declared himself in favor of having policemen in schools to guarantee security, but "it always has to be the pedagogical community that decides."

Macron, who was questioned in an interview with the station "Europe 1" about the initiative launched last October 26 by his Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, to have agents in schools punctually in troubled neighborhoods to prevent acts of violence He pointed out that this possibility has to be opened up.

But always conditioned to have the approval of the teaching staff.

Castaner's project was made public after the commotion that generated the case of a teacher to whom a student in class pointed a gun, which was later shown to be false.

"It is an intolerable violence," the head of state was outraged about that episode that was recorded by another student and disclosed on social networks.

Beyond this incident, he acknowledged that "there are neighborhoods where organized crime has been installed" and with problems of violence.

Macron announced that "fear will change field", but explained that this implies "a civilization, moral, educational, cultural and security work".

He explained that what needs to be done is to reopen public services such as police stations, post offices or tax centers in those neighborhoods and, above all, to bet on education.

"Our society has to recover the value of work, merit, authority," he said.


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