Macron expresses solidarity with the victims of the Strasbourg shooting

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, showed his solidarity with the victims of the shooting on Tuesday in the center of Strasbourg (east of the country), which according to the latest report has caused two deaths and twelve wounded.

"Solidarity of the whole nation with Strasbourg, our victims and their families," he said in a brief message posted on his Twitter account.

Macron ruled after having presided over the inter-ministerial crisis cell activated in the Ministry of the Interior for about an hour.

The attack began around 8:00 pm local time (19:00 GMT). The perpetrator of the shooting, who has a history of crimes of common crime and was registered by the police within his archive of radicalized subjects, entered the perimeter of the Christmas market and after opening fire on people he fled.

The Antiterrorist Prosecutor's Office in Paris has taken up the investigation of what happened, opened by murder and attempted murder in relation to a terrorist organization, as well as by association of criminal terrorist criminals.


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