Macron asks Russia and Turkey to stop the fire in Syria

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, stressed on Saturday that the "immediate cessation" of hostilities in Syria is imperative and called on Russia and Turkey to establish a ceasefire "lasting and verifiable."

To that end, according to the Elysium in a statement, he urged Russia to "assume its responsibilities as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, ending without delay the military offensive in the Syrian northwest."

In his telephone conversations with both leaders, Macron also called on his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, "to respect international humanitarian law and the protection of civilian populations and personnel and humanitarian accesses."

The French head of state offered the "total availability" of his country to contribute to "a credible scaling (of the conflict) that allows to resume the political process, the only one that can get the return of stability and security in both Syria and in the region".

The tension has exploded in the area after the death of more than thirty Turkish soldiers in Syria two days ago in an attack by the Syrian Army.

According to the Turkish ambassador to the UN, Feridun Sinirlioglu, that attack was "deliberate", lasted for five hours and continued even after Turkey advised Russia, an ally of Damascus, of what was happening.

Therefore, Turkey said Friday at the UN that it will not withdraw its troops from the Syrian province of Idlib and that it will respond forcefully to any new attack by the Syrian Army and its allies.

Macron expressed today to Putin and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his "strong concern about the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe and the risks of dispersion of terrorist groups caused by the military offensive of the Syrian regime and its allies."

He also welcomed "Turkey's efforts to help Syrian refugees" and guaranteed that country "its full solidarity in this regard."

Elíseo stressed in his note that exchanges with the Russian president and the Turkish will continue in the coming days in coordination with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the European authorities.


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