May 27, 2020

Macron and Xi ask for 100,000 million dollars a year against climate change

French President Emmanuel Macron and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, today demanded that developed countries invest 100,000 million dollars annually by 2025 to fight climate change, in addition to asking them to fulfill their commitment to dedicate that same amount to 2020

In a joint statement signed on the occasion of Macron's visit to China, entitled "Beijing's appeal on the conservation of biodiversity and climate change", both leaders reaffirm their "firm support for the Paris Agreement", which they consider "a process irreversible "and a" compass "for a" strong action "on the weather.

Xi and Macron say they are "determined to make unprecedented efforts to secure the future of new generations" and "intensify international efforts" to combat climate change, in addition to "accelerating the transition to green development."

The statement calls on "all countries, international authorities, businesses and non-governmental organizations to publish their long-term development strategies until next year until 2050 for lower greenhouse gas emissions.

They also urge to ratify "as soon as possible" the reform of Kigali to the Montreal climate protocol that "can prevent up to 0.4 degrees Celsius from overheating by the end of the century."

The two heads of state encourage "an active commitment of the political leaders at the highest level" in favor of biodiversity as well as to work together to "reverse the curve of biodiversity loss" by 2030.

They also call to commit to the restoration of ecosystems and to adopt ambitious measures to interrupt and reverse the degradation of land and sea, recovering at least 30 percent of degraded ecosystems.

Regarding the new objective that they set for developed countries to invest 100,000 million dollars annually in the fight against climate change by 2025, both leaders stress that the "Green Fund" for the United Nations climate "plays an essential role "to mobilize financial resources to developing countries.

"Mobilize supplementary resources from all sources, public and private, nationally and internationally in favor of both mitigation and adaptation to climate change," notes the "Beijing Appeal."

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