Macri wants Argentina to be one of the main exporters of energy

Macri wants Argentina to be one of the main exporters of energy

Argentine President Mauricio Macri said today that he is working to make Argentina one of the world's leading exporters of gas and oil, and stressed that its energy policy will allow the country to replenish its own resources after years of "inaction" and "waste".

"We want, in terms of the future, not only our own self-sufficiency, to be able to have energy in quantity and increasingly cheaper for us ... but we want to export, we want to be one of the main exporters in the world of gas and oil," he said. the head of state.

Macri participated this Monday in the act of farewell to the regasification vessel "Exemplar" from the port of Ingeniero White, in the south of the province of Buenos Aires.

This boat was hired ten years ago, during the Government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (2007-2015) to convert liquefied natural gas from other ships that arrive with liquid gas into a gaseous state to be injected into the national network to its distribution.

"Usually the farewells have a connotation of sadness, but this is not the case, this boat is a symbol that leads us to think, to express inaction, inability, waste, and not for the decisions that led to need this boat, "said the president.

In his opinion, the need for this ship came after the installation of "cheating, lying" and saying that energy "was free", "and that, like air, we could consume everything we wanted and nobody paid for it. and that it was never going to end, as lies always have a short leg, in 2008 this boat had to be brought in because we ran out of gas. "

"It did not reach the gas for the winter, which is when we consume the most, to supply the domestic demand and the factories that use gas to produce," he added.

According to Macri, the peak was registered in 2013, when 42 ships with gas were imported.

"More than 10,000 million dollars of imports came through this port and were gasified through this ship and that really was a huge damage for Argentines, it was losing self-sufficiency, of being able to live with our own energy. No. We have them and we always had them, "he said.

"Luckily" almost three years ago the Argentines decided "to undertake a change".

Since coming to the Presidency, Macri has been strongly criticized by the opposition for the strong increases he has driven in the rates of public services such as electricity and gas, which the president defends when he considers that during the Kirchnerism they were heavily subsidized and outdated and caused a sharp drop in energy investment.

The president clarified that with the creation of the first productivity table, "clear rules" were set that led to the return of investment and the generation of energy. "

"Today, every day we are producing more gas and oil in Argentina, which really allows us to fire this boat, which costs a lot of money every day, this boat was here 10 years and had come for a winter, more than 40,000 million pesos. , which are 1,000 kilometers of routes and 1,200 equipped schools, "he argued.

As exemplified, the formation of Vaca Muerta, one of the largest reserves of unconventional hydrocarbons in the world located in Patagonia, "has already been proven as a reserve that has practically what Russia has in gas, and in oil what Venezuela has "

"We are starting to have energy back because we told the truth, we set out to work as a team and we believe and trust in what we are capable of doing", he concluded.


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