July 23, 2021

Macri tells the G20 women that "there is no turning back" in the fight for equality

Macri tells the G20 women that "there is no turning back" in the fight for equality

The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, said today before the participants of the Women 20, affinity group of the G20 that seeks to increase the participation of women in the global economy, that "there is no turning back" on the road to equality of gender, although he acknowledged that "much remains to be done".

At the Kirchner Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, where over three days gathered more than 1,000 speakers -mainly women representing society, politics and business- the president highlighted "the contribution and commitment" of the leaders, because The trial will leave a "great legacy" that will impact "positively on the reality of women around the world."

"We have a long way to go, a long way to go towards gender equality, but the good news is that we are going together, once and for all, and there is no turning back," said the head of state at the opening. of the last day of meetings.

Argentina chairs the Group of 20 in 2018, which includes the 19 most developed and developing countries and the European Union, so throughout the year has hosted various ministerial meetings of all kinds of sectors and so-called affinity groups , formed by civil society organizations that meet to establish a fluid dialogue with the leaders.

"I want to emphasize that the priorities proposed by Argentina were supported, and that was reflected in each ministerial and in each working group where the collective commitment prevailed," the president said today, thanking the participants of the W20 for struggling to "build consensus for equitable and sustainable development ".

"We decided that the gender perspective is transversal to the entire agenda," added Macri, for whom "inequality is not just a women's issue" but "involves us and affects us all."

In this sense, as an example of measures of his Government, he mentioned the draft Law that the Government sent to Congress last March on gender equity that "aims to eradicate the wage gap and includes licenses that allow for a better reconciliation of family and work "

He also referred to the regulation of the so-called "Brisa Law", which provides economic compensation to the children of victims of feminicide.

"Today it is clear that the only way to achieve truly inclusive development is by eliminating disparities, those based on gender, labor, digital and financial," he said.

Before its presentation, the president of the W20, the Argentine Susana Balbo, gave Macri the final statement of the recommendations of the group, based on the four axes in which he worked during 2018: labor, financial, digital and development inclusion of the rural woman.


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