July 4, 2020

Macri says that if he is re-elected he will seek consensus to end inflation

The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, who wants to be re-elected in the elections of October 27, said Wednesday that if he wins he will seek political consensus to end high inflation, which in his opinion is "what harms most Argentines "for 70 years.

"I hope as president, if you decide to continue, in December call all political forces and the leadership in general and say: 'gentlemen, let's do it, because in 70 years we fail to resolve this, which is what harms most Argentines ", the president warned in statements to the press after inaugurating a railway section in the province of Santa Fe (northeast).

On August 11, Macri was the second most voted candidate in the primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections (STEP), surpassed by 16 points by opposition leader Alberto Fernández, of the Peronist Front of All, who thus became the favorite to beat in the October generals.

That defeat of the ruling party generated strong turbulence in the financial markets from the PASS, with repeated collapse of the stock market and steep declines in the peso against the dollar, which will translate, as is customary in Argentina, in an advance of the Inflation, which only in 2018, when the country entered a new recession that has now worsened, was 47.6%.

Consulted on Wednesday in case he imagines as head of the opposition, Macri was blunt.

"Today I imagine doing this. Bringing stability to the Argentines, tranquility. They know that as of August 12 we had a strong economic and political disruption and we had to take many measures to bring back the tranquility and stability that we had on the 9th of August. This is my priority today, "he said.

In this regard, he added that for the electoral campaign – which already started last Saturday – he will have time "in a few weeks" to talk about his idea of ​​the future and his project.

"Why do we believe that having achieved so much progress in the way we live together, in the freedom we deal with. You ask, you answer. In the freedom to listen to the one who thinks differently, tell the truth, inform, have independent justice , to be connected to the world, to build infrastructure that allows us to have solid foundations on which to create employment … ", he stressed.

In all these aspects, as well as in energy policy and in achieving "a slightly more balanced budget", Macri considered that the country has advanced a lot during its management, which began in December 2015 after the Governments of Cristina Fernández (2007- 2015) – Current Vice President candidate with Alberto Fernández – but acknowledged that "there is a need to move forward".

"We have not yet managed to dominate inflation, a problem that we Argentinans 70 years ago," he reiterated.

The president confirmed that the Minister of Finance, Hernán Lacunza, prepares a trip to Washington to meet this month with members of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and discuss the new disbursement of the 56.3 billion dollars that the agency approved in 2018 to lend to Argentina .

At the moment, when the IMF will send that item of 5.4 billion dollars.

In addition, the president was consulted by the food emergency bill that part of the opposition, accompanied by different social organizations, seeks to discuss in an extraordinary session in Congress this Thursday to compensate for the effects of the economic crisis on the population.

"The emergency is since 2002 – after the serious crisis of the 'corralito' of 2001 – and there are enough tools to take care of all things. Carolina Stanley (Minister of Social Development) is always helping those who have the primary obligation, who are the (provincial) governors. We are always here to assist you. If (the legislators) want to change and expand the project, we will be available, "Macri said.

The president also referred to the announcement on Tuesday, by the Minister of Production and Labor, Dante Sica, of negotiations with employers and trade unionists to enable an extra bonus of 5,000 pesos ($ 89) for private sector workers, who It has already raised controversies among some entrepreneurs.

"Let us try that everyone can put the shoulder at the time. I trust that the industrialists are also going to put the shoulder, as the Argentines are putting them. From April last year to today it has been very hard for Argentine families," he said.

Before the meeting with the press, Macri, who inaugurated a stretch of more than 800 kilometers of renewed railroad tracks of a freight railway, valued the "many measures" taken by his Government in the midst of the worsening crisis, such as the reinforcement of the programs of "care prices" and the lowering of VAT of basic products.

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