Macri refers to an Argentina "trapped in time" and that repeats mistakes

Macri refers to an Argentina "trapped in time" and that repeats mistakes

The Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, alluded Monday in Buenos Aires to an Argentina "trapped in time", which repeats "again and again" the "same problems", but that chose its Government to "make a change".

"We are stuck in time and in the same problems, and we repeat ourselves over and over again," stressed Macri at a dinner organized by the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth (CIPPEC).

"The economic situation of the country is dramatic, the national treasury is exhausted and the normal resources that must go to defray the expenses of the public administration do not reach in any way to cover the enormous expenses committed," said Macri, citing former president Arturo Frondizi ( 1958-1962), words that he already used in 2015 when he assumed the presidency.

The current president said that already in 1952 Juan Domingo Perón (1946-1955 and 1973-1974) spoke of the "need to modernize" the work schemes, and he did not mention the radical Raúl Alfonsín (1983-1989), but, to a discourse based on discourses, he wanted to add "some more numbers".

"77 of the last 100 years we had fiscal deficit, the average inflation of the last 80 years taking out the hyperinflations, it was 62.6%, and one of every three years we had recession, and we had eight 'default', the last, the most great one of the history of the humanity ", transmitted Macri.

According to the president, each of these economic crises has been applied "the same recipes and tools," such as the fixed exchange rate, convertibility, price controls, backwardness in tariffs, currency traps and an "economic suicide" in import and export matter.

However, he assured that the Argentine population has demonstrated "maturity" in the "decision to change" that put him in power, and that now "courage" is needed to keep the decision going.

"Argentines have assumed that in the past there is no solution to the problems of the future, and that is why we decided this time to do something different," he said.

This is, in his opinion, the first time that Argentina "enters into a crisis with a set of rules" that continue to be respected now that the South American country is "beginning to emerge" from that crisis, as it considered.

2019 is presented as a "challenge" for his Government, which seeks to generate "consensus" that will help the country to "recover" the economy, the president said in La Rural.


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