Macri alludes to end all "privileges" in the end of the year greeting

Macri alludes to end all "privileges" in the end of the year greeting

Argentine President Mauricio Macri today called for "ending privileges and accommodations" and for everyone to respond to Justice, including his family, in his message to dismiss a 2018 in which his father, Franco Macri, and his brother, Gianfranco Macri, were investigated for corruption.

"Everyone has to face justice and be accountable, from the family of the president to all those in power, and not only from politics: also the business community, trade unionism, judges, all," Macri said. a column published this Saturday in the local newspaper "La Capital" of Mar del Plata, coastal town of the province of Buenos Aires.

The president, who is in Villa La Angostura, in the west of the South American country, to bid farewell to the year, congratulated his compatriots in 2019 in a letter in which he stressed that "nobody can have privileges that mean to pass over others "

In 2018, one of the causes of corruption that caused more turmoil in Argentina was the so-called case of the "Notebooks of corruption", which investigates a presumed network of bribes between businessmen and senior officials of the Kirchner government (2003- 2015).

For that cause, Macri's brother and father are accused, and the first of them declared this month of December and requested the dismissal of his charges.

In his letter, the top Argentine president said that his executive wants to "tell the truth and not what the other wants to hear", in a week in which the government increased the rates of public transport and electricity, up to 38% and 55% respectively.

"Together we are doing, once and for all, what we always had to do in our country and nobody ever did," said Macri.

In this line, he indicated that "it is not enough to tell the truth", but that Argentines want to "have opportunities" and "grow", after Argentina has entered into an economic crisis in 2018, with high levels of inflation and devaluation. of the local currency that led the Government to request a credit of 56,300 million dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The president highlighted the summit of G20 leaders that hosted Argentina in December as an example of the country's understanding that "an intelligent integration to the world is fundamental for the development of its people."

On the G20, he recalled that the leaders with whom he met "expressed their support" to the direction marked by Macri for Argentina.

Also, the president reflected on what the 2018 meant for Argentine women.

"Women are taking the leading role that we need as a society," said Macri, who gave as an example the debate over the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, which finally did not go ahead but had a large following in society, with the intention of re-presenting as a law in 2019.

"For the first time in our history we are discussing things that we took for granted before a society that is changing and that requires a permanent serious conversation," said Macri, shortly before the start of 2019, the year of presidential elections in Argentina, to which He expressed his intention to present himself again.


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