Macri affirms that freedom of expression is the "heart" of democracy

Macri affirms that freedom of expression is the "heart" of democracy

The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, said today, at the close of the 74th General Assembly of the Inter-American Press Association (SIP), that freedom of expression and the press are "essential values" and the "true heart" of democracy , reason why it considered "fundamental" to defend them.

"Let's continue working to end censures and attacks, violations of press freedom and expression across the continent," said the president before publishers and executives of many media in America, which for four days have been congregated in the Argentine city of Salta (north).

For Macri, who came to power in December 2015 after 12 years of Kirchner government, one of the things that have changed during his presidency is that "never before has there been as much freedom of the press as now", a statement that was answered by the present with several applauses.

"Sometimes some say that the government should not tolerate anything in the media, but that Argentina is over – in Argentina today, each person can freely say what they want and think," he said.

In his opinion, "truth together with transparency is non-negotiable", a "fundamental commitment" that his Executive "took as a flag".

"We know that freedom of expression and the press are essential values, they are the true heart of democracy and it is fundamental to defend and review them throughout the continent, because behind these two values ​​is the search for truth," the head of state said. .

This speech took place shortly after the Board of Directors and the Assembly of the SIP approved the "Declaration of Salta on Principles of Freedom of Expression in the Digital Era", with which it is called to protect the free flow of information regardless of the platform where it spreads.

"The Salta Declaration will be a guide and will put us in the history of press freedom," said Macri, who based a good part of his speech on highlighting the advances that in his opinion there has been in the matter in his almost three years as president.

"There is no longer a government generating addicted media that manipulate information in their favor, much less pressuring journalists to disseminate their version," he continued, convinced that now the country is going through a "strong" institutional moment where leaders "are accountable and where corruption will never go unpunished."

However, he appreciated that both he and the other officials hold "open and constant press conferences" and insisted that "the freedom that Argentina is building is based on respect and work", the "main" ingredient for combating poverty.


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