MacKenzie Bezos gets 4% of Amazon after his divorce with Jeff Bezos

MacKenzie Bezos gets 4% of Amazon after his divorce with Jeff Bezos


MacKenzie Bezos has signed an agreement with her husband, Jeff Bezos, for which will keep 25% of the shares that the marriage had in the e-commerce giant Amazon, although he has decided to give up his rights to his partner.

According to a statement on her profile of the social network Twitter, the businesswoman has assured that she has "finalized" the process of dissolution of the marriage. Under the agreement reached by both parties, MacKenzie has decided to cede to Jeff the total interest in the Washington Post and Blue Origin.

Since Jeff Bezos has 78.81 million shares of Amazon, equivalent to 16% of the company, MacKenzie will now show 19.7 million shares, equivalent to 4% of the company. According to the quotation of the titles of this Thursday, the new participation of MacKenzie Bezos is equivalent to 35,716 million dollars (31,837 million euros).

The founder of Amazon has also assured that she has taken the decision to cede the voting rights of her shares to her current husband "to support their continued contributions" to the company.

According to the laws of the State of Washington, in the event of divorce, couples have the right to an equitable distribution of common assets, including the profits generated during the marriage, although a post-wedding agreement would prevail, as has been the case .

Jeff Bezos, as president and CEO of Amazon, has informed shareholders that, under the divorce agreement, up to 4% of Amazon's shares will be transferred to MacKenzie Bezos, so their participation in the company will be reduced.

Likewise, if MacKenzie decides to transfer his actions, he must have the person transferring them reach the same agreement that she has reached with her husband. This clause will remain in force until Jeff Bezos dies or is declared incapable, although it will not be applicable if the shares are sold on the Stock Exchange.


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