March 4, 2021

Macho violence takes the lives of 161 women in Argentina since January

A total of 161 women or girls died in Argentina at the hands of a man from January 1 to June 30 of this year, reported the Observatory of Gender Violence "Now that they see us."

Specifically, 153 were direct femicides and eight linked deaths, that is, those produced against people with a family or affective relationship with women, seeking to do more harm to the victim.

In this sense, we must also add seven deaths of men and boys.

As a result of these crimes, at least 108 children were orphaned.

Only during June there were 26 femicides, which translates into one every 27 hours.

This report, like the one that other social organizations publish on a regular basis, is created based on the recount of the crimes that appeared in the news of graphic and digital media throughout the country.

"It is worrisome that four years ago the number of murdered women does not diminish in Argentina, which shows the lack of political will of those who govern us in combating gender violence," said Raquel Vivanco, president of the Observatory.

This organization demands that the Government that emerges from the elections of October 27 create the Ministry of Women, Diversity and Dissidences to enforce the Argentine law on the prevention, punishment and eradication of violence against women.

The Observatory "Now that they see us" counted that a total of 1,193 women have been murdered in Argentina since June 3, 2015, when the first annual march of the "Ni una menos" movement was held in Buenos Aires, which gained relevance international and lasts until today to make visible the protest against violence against women.

At the end of May, the Supreme Court of Justice published the official figure of feminicide in 2018, with data provided by the Judicial Powers of the whole country.

The country registered a total of 278 deaths throughout the year, leaving 202 children and adolescents orphans.

The "Report on Femicide of the Argentine Justice" of the Supreme Court also revealed that of the total number of deaths, 255 were "direct" -including four transvesticides or transfemicidios- and 23 linked.

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