October 30, 2020

Macho violence in Canarian football: "As I caught you outside, I violate you" – La Provincia

An amateur seriously threatened the line judge during the game of First Regional of Fuerteventura that faced Chilegua with Jandía. The man, with an aggressive attitude, addressed the collegiate, 16, and shouted: "As I caught you, I violate you".

He referee of the meeting, played last Friday, recorded in the minutes what happened. As he explains, at the last minute of the game, during a throw-in, there was a revolt between several players and a fan of Jandía. At one point, the latter addressed the sixteen-year-old line judge, and she said: "Oh, those ankles! How I caught you outside I violate you".

Not content with it, the individual continued to threaten the collegiate, with signs of violence and biting his tongue, according to the minutes: "IM going to break your face. I'm going to poop you as you keep going from me".

The moment of the aggression against the young referee was recorded on video and, although the amanazas are not heard, you can observe the violence with which he addresses her.


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