Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Macho violence charges its 45th victim of the year in Nicaragua

Sexist violence claimed its 45th victim so far this year in Nicaragua, the National Police reported Thursday.

Digna Rayo Urbina, a 54-year-old Nicaraguan, was a victim of femicide, executed by her partner of the same nationality, Ramiro José Orozco, 67, who committed suicide after killing the woman, according to the police report.

Orozco violently attacked Rayo, and used a knife to take his life, the Nicaraguan police said.

Minutes after the crime, the man "ingested aluminum phosphide," and died in a hospital in the city of Tipitapa, northeast of Managua, according to the report.

The increase in feminicides in recent months has led Nicaragua's feminist groups to issue alert calls, and the Government to create a commission against sexist violence.

Statistics from the Catholic organization for the Right to Decide indicate that, while 45 women have lost their lives at the hands of men, another 52 have escaped being killed in 2019.

Among the victims of sexist violence, feminists have at least 8 teenagers or girls.

Due to the persistence of crimes against women, dozens of businesses in Nicaragua have joined the "Not one less" campaign, and have offered themselves as a refuge for those who feel threatened by sexist violence when they go through the streets.

However, most femicides, 27 of the 44, have occurred in the private sphere, according to Catholics for the Right to Decide.

As a result of sexist violence, 48 minors have been left in the orphanage in 2019, according to the monitoring carried out by Catholics for the Right to Decide.

In 2018 at least 57 women were killed by men, and a similar amount was reported in 2017 by feminist groups.

The non-governmental Network of Women Against Violence has urged women to take care "of each other", since they affirm "we do not have any protection from the authorities", since it argues that the majority had already presented themselves as victims before Nicaragua Police.

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