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The Civil Guard has located this afternoon the weapon used in the triple sexist crime committed this morning in Valga. It was found during the Tambre river, near the house of the author's mother's confession, in Ames, during the search work carried out by the agents.

In this way, one more step is taken in the investigation of the crime that shocked the whole society this morning. A man murdered his ex-wife, his ex-sister-in-law and his ex-mother-Sandra, 39; María Elena, 58 years old; and his daughter Alba, 27, in Carracido, Cordeiro, in the town hall of Valga, in front of his two children, aged 4 and 7, who ran out of the place and took refuge in a neighbor's house. The author of this triple murder, José Luis Abet Lafuente, 45, was delivered this morning in Ames, where he has confirmed his authorship before the Civil Guard agents. There are no previous complaints of gender violence. The couple were divorced since January last year, according to the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia.

The assailant fired on his ex-wife, who was surprised at the moment when she was preparing to leave her home to take her children to school, about 8:20 on Monday. According to the Government delegate, Javier Losada, in statements to the SER, the victim had time to call his mother and sister when he saw his ex-partner. When they went down, they were also shot. All this with the two minor children of the victim inside the vehicle.

The Government delegate confirmed that there is no evidence that there was any previous complaint of gender-based violence and confirmed that the couple was in the separation phase.

Apparently it was a phone call, it was not specified who made it, which alerted the authorities of the suspect's whereabouts.

Third crime of gender violence in Galicia
This is the third case of crime of sexist violence in Galicia and the second recorded in the municipality of Valga so far this year. Precisely, in this same place, the first victim of the year in Galicia was registered last March: a 46-year-old man, Javier Bello, a native of Carracedo, killed his wife, María José Aboy Guimarey, with a hunting shotgun, in the municipality of Pontevedra and subsequently committed suicide.The marriage had two children, both of legal age. In this case, there was also no history of gender violence or previous complaints.


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