'Machine Learning' to face the Black Friday | Innovation

'Machine Learning' to face the Black Friday | Innovation

The importance that Black Friday is achieving in companies every year that passes is noticeable. In figures, Spain is among the three countries in which the term grows the most, with an increase of more than 1200%. The importance of an effective online campaign, on a date when all companies want to get the customer's attention, is vital.

In addition, you have to think of two or three different platforms to achieve a more accurate impact. Of the 62% of the total purchases that the online channel supposes, 60% are realized through mobile device, and the remaining 40%, in PC. Regarding the type of product sought, there is no outstanding standard: electronics, video games, fashion, home and sport account for 55% of total searches. In addition, if we add to the mix that 70% of the total notoriety occurs in the previous 20 days, spaces are generated so wide that they can drive any marketing department crazy.

A tool that can help us face Black Friday is the smart campaign, a system based on machine learning that facilitates the generation of relevant campaigns and more focused on the customer. Smart campaign It allows to take the figures of impact, viewing or response to an advertisement almost instantaneously. In this way, we can understand what works and what does not, to change it instantly.

Doing a close, continuous and direct analysis of the metrics will allow us to see the results more clearly and understand what the client wants at that moment. Black Friday is a unique opportunity to be seen and connect with the customer. With the right allies we can do it without fear of losing our heads.

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