‘Machine learning’, data morals or 5G will star in the post Covid-19 era

In 2021, more companies will implement ethical controls in data management.

In 2021 more companies will implement ethics controls in data management.

The development of ‘machine learning‘, security and government or the flexibility in machine learning are going to play an important role in the coming months and in the so-called post Covid-19 era, especially in analytics and data management.

The pandemic has accelerated training in new digital skills and 2021 is going to be a year of reaffirmation, as stated since Cloudera, a company that specializes in information capture, processing and analytical management capabilities with the ability to process massive data in real time.

In this framework, companies will continue to deal with a exponential increase in amounts of data and the complexities in new technologies. For this reason, at Cloudera they understand that machine learning will be “essential” for companies if they want to make the most of these large volumes of information.

In 2021, the ability of a company to trust its model, to the extent that it can produce actions from information derived from artificial intelligence, will be “decisive” in its ability to survive.

Businesses continue to put technology before strategy when it comes to the cloud. The company stresses that there is great enabling technology, but organizations have not thought about how to use it properly to your advantage.

In this sense, data security and governance will take center stage next year. That is, there will be a greater approach towards this government of the data.

On the other hand, what happened this year will force companies to completely rethink what they design and ask of their machine learning models. The ability of a model to make perfect predictions will be less important than the ability of a structure capable of automatic reflection.

In turn, companies are increasingly looking for models that perfect certain human attributes such as proactivity or instinctive agility, as pointed out by Cloudera.

Likewise, ethical artificial intelligence will be essential during the next twelve and twenty-four months together with data governance, which will be applied to different areas, such as contact tracing (in the fight against Covid-19), connected vehicles and smart devices, as well as personal digital profiles, regarding the increased cyber footprint leading to privacy questions.

Concern about the use of data

And closely linked to the above, is the concern about the use of data. More and more people are aware of the power of data and of the responsibility for its treatment by companies, which will lead to that in 2021 more companies implement ethics controls of data in the development of ‘software’.

It is also expected that emerging geographies will lead the adoption of 5G. From Cloudera they explain that although 5G has been in smartphones for a long time, most people do not realize that their phone does not actually work at this capacity, because it is useless without an adapted network.

Telecommunications providers are beginning to update network technology to support it. And in this 5G infrastructure installation there is the paradox that emerging geographies may outperform conventional locations next year. This is because, as explained from Cloudera, it is much easier to install the latest technological system in a new place than to have to review the current system.

Finally, the company highlights the evolution of electrical networks for new energy sources. Thus, he points out that in 2021, there will be a change in the massive networks that are used today as society will turn towards the use of more community networks or microgrids and even towards individual systems for homes. This trend will mean new volumes of data, closer to the consumer, which must be managed.


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