Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

Machín seeks substitute for Víctor Sánchez

I wouldn't have been surprised if last season, for a game like Sunday's against Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, Victor Sanchez I left the headline. It was the resource of Ruby
for parties where he needed intensity and cover many field areas with someone from the lungs. This season, however, the undisputed midfielder in the double pivot with Marc Roca.

That's why, and after the sprained right knee he suffered last day against Osasuna
, Pablo Machín You will have to look for a substitute that suits what the technician asks. The candidates are Esteban Barn, Sergi Darder, Pol Lozano and Iturraspe. Each of them profiles very different from each other and none like Víctor Sánchez.

Undisputed holder in the double pivot this season

The second captain left the field visibly angry. He shot a bottle of water that was found when crossing the throw-in line and sat on the bench covering his face with the hood, possibly ashamed of what was happening in the field and afraid of the extent of the injury.

Although there has not yet been a definite withdrawal time, the midfielder will be around three weeks standing still. Three weeks that will be opportunities for the already mentioned pivots, a headache for Machín and crucial for a good recovery and return to fight for a title that fought from before the preseason, with an individual physical preparation that convinced both David Gallego as later to Machín.

Barn, the bet that best fits

Among the candidates, the most daring bet would be to lower Darp from the half-point to the double pivot, to provide more creativity to the bottom of the field and create a very offensive team. However, and if one takes into account that the match is at home and against the second classified, everything indicates that the coach will opt for a more conservative solution.

Barn would be the one who for veterany, gallons and performance would fit best next to Marc Roca. The former Madrid player has less travel and bite than Victor Sanchez but better control of the ball, exit and, in addition, could substitute him in the direct free throws. In fact, Barn is one of the players who, coming from the bench, have had better performances and asked for more prominence for him.

Pol Lozano also asks for passage

Who from below comes stomping is Pol Lozano. With Machín he has only played two games and the two of Europa League. But in them he has demonstrated the mood of those who want to lead the blue and white marrow in the not too distant future. Fine in touch and aggressive, although sometimes a bit hasty in defense, Lozano is one of the positive notes of the season. The previous year was the brain of the subsidiary and this, one of the promises.

Finally, Iturraspe's option would be the most remote. The Basque, although he is the most defensive of all, is also the most positional, which would change Marc Roca's role too much, which should go on to cover more field. In addition, with its constant discomfort in the left shoulder, it is the players of the squad that is less filmed, although in Europe it has competed at a good level.

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