Machín refuses to resign with the support of Pestana

Susana Machín appears before the media.

Susana Machín appears before the media.

La Palma Councilor for Health, Susana machin, appeared this morning at the Cabildo de La Palma together with the vice president and party partner, José Adrián Hernández Montoya, to reaffirm his decision not to resign, supported by the support of his party on the island and the secretary general of the socialists from La Palma , Anselmo Pestana.

His decision has had to do with the fact that “many people from the party on La Palma have shown me their support,” he said, adding that he has received calls from practically all the local committees, and confirming that among those samples of support there is also Anselmo’s Eyelash.

In addition, the presence of the island vice president in the appearance responds to the “Support from the entire government group”, Made up of PSOE and PP, José Adrián Hernández Montoya wanted to make clear.

By confirming this decision, tomorrow, Tuesday, the deadline given by the burofax sent by the PSOE Directorate in Madrid ends, thus opening the process of expulsion from socialist ranks, against which Machín will present allegations and announced that he will go “as far as he has to go with the resources.”

Susana Machín also stressed that the possibility of resigning has never passed through her head, understanding that his vaccination is part of the national protocol and strategy, also confirming that, despite the fact that the Ministry of Health issued a statement in which it denied the second vaccine while the investigation file was being resolved, he received last Friday a e-mail from the Area Directorate on the Island requesting her to receive that second dose yesterday Sunday, “and I have put it on,” he added.

Machín declared to the present media that “the fact that I was included in the vaccination was not the result of a personal demand to object to that benefit. It was a strictly sanitary decision that came from the person in charge of the clinical services of the Hospital de Dolores ”. He adds that this decision “was communicated and accepted by the SCS, therefore, by those responsible for vaccination,” he said. “If it were not like that,” he added, “they would not have given me the vaccine.”

The decision, he insisted, “was transferred to the staff of the Canary Health Service who traveled to the center to administer the vaccines, as clarified by the Hospital’s medical officer in his report,” justifying that “Dolores is my main workplaceIt is there that I carry out my main part of my work as a counselor, where I spend more hours ”.

“Vaccinating all of us who work at the Hospital de Dolores has not been a privilege, but a act of responsibility with all patients“, concrete.

In addition, he added that “it has been a process of absolute transparency, the fact that my name has not appeared on the SCS list, does not respond to a desire to fail to comply with any action, but to a relationship that was included after the initial list in where there was a lack of personnel who were also deemed to have to be vaccinated ”.


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