Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Machado to the De Gendt

That Thomas de Gendt is not just any cyclist, but one of the many that diffuses in the multicolored serpent of the bunch, has been known for a long time. But with each feat he signs, each exhibition like the one that made Saint Etienne's way is marked, his legend is enlarged.

He is much more than a cyclist who reduces himself to training, taking care of himself, sacrificing himself, hanging a dorsal and running wherever he is sent, with the orders that are thrown at him. Like little. And not. De Gendt is much more than that. His is an authentic love for the bicycle. Devotion. It is not only your means of work but transport to your happiness. Otherwise, that leak could not be explained, with the exit beep in Macon, when Christian Prudhomme waved the flag to give the real attack, kilometer zero, to go on the run and finish it 200 kilometers later as he did.

It has to be love. Thomas de Gendt is that cyclist who, when you look at the cast of components of a leak and his name appears, the most logical equation says that the breakaway reaches the goal successfully. And that he, of course, be the cattler. With 16 years as a professional behind his back and 15 victories won, four in the big three laps, he is also known to perfection. "My name translated into Spanish is Cabeza de carrera", he joked a few months ago, when he achieved what until yesterday was his last victory in the first stage of the Volta a Catalunya. With another getaway, of course.

His is a life on the run. So he has achieved his most beautiful deeds, such as the one that gave him the victory on the Stelvio peak, in the Giro of 2012 with a brand attack of the house in the Mortirolo. That was his premiere in the big ones. Collect mythical places. In 2016 he also raised his arms in the Mont Ventoux although no one remembers him for that triumph, the day when Froome began to run on foot uphill after he threw a motorcycle. A year later he closed his circle winning in Gijón in the Vuelta and has now repeated again in the Tour de France signing an epic feat.

Actually, it's like it's a workout. Of Gendt, the special cyclist in love with his work, asked a few months ago through social networks to his followers what great turns he should do this 2019. They answered him massively to do all three. The cycling parish loves him so much he does not want to miss it in any way. In it it is. He has already run the Giro and is covering the Tour. It attacked of exit dragging with him to De Marchi, Terpstra and King to remain alone with the Italian in the last seventy kilometers and remacharle in the Cota de Jaillere. In that tack, Alaphilippe did not want to give up and started with Pinot. Excitement until the end.

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