MACBA dismisses two senior officials to complete a new organization chart in a post-covid scenario

Barcelona, ​​Jul 20 (EFE) .- The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) has dismissed the center’s chief curator, Tanya Barson, and the director of programs, Pablo Martínez, during the period of former director Ferran Barenblit, within a process to review the organization chart “to adapt the organization to the post-covid scenario.”

In a statement, MACBA indicates that “it wants to specify some erroneous information that has circulated on social networks in the last” hours in relation to these dismissals, and after indicating that “no dismissal is pleasant”, regrets that they have been communicated by written “as a last resort given the impossibility of meeting these people.”

After thanking both “the professionalism, dedication and work they have carried out in the last five years”, he assures that this organizational change “responds to a new organization chart, worked since October 2020 with all the administrations that are part of the Museum consortium (Barcelona City Council, Generalitat, Ministry of Culture and MACBA Foundation) and with museum teams.

This change is due, according to MACBA, “to a mandate from the governing bodies of the institution to review the organization chart to adapt the organization to the post-covid scenario and thus initiate a new stage of new management, new content and, above all, a museum closer to citizens “.

“The result – he adds – has been a new organization chart in which a Conservation and Research Directorate is promoted (includes departments of Programs, Exhibitions, Collection, Publications, Documentation Center) and a new Directorate of Education and Mediation is created (includes departments of Education, Mediation, Social Responsibility and Accessibility, and Public Management) “.

MACBA specifies that both areas depend on the new direction and that “in no case does the Management accumulate more power, quite the contrary.”

Last week, the General Council of the Consortium of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona appointed the art historian Elvira Dyangani Ose as the new director of MACBA, replacing Ferran Barenblit, who has been for the last six years.


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