Macarena Olona calls Xabier Fortes “macho” and he defends himself: “I am moderating the debate”

Macarena Olona calls & quot; macho & quot;  Xabier Fortes and he defends himself: & quot; I am moderating the debate & quot ;.

Macarena Olona calls Xabier Fortes “macho” and he defends himself: “I am moderating the debate.”

Macarena Olona visited Torrespaña’s studios in Madrid on Thursday to be interviewed at ‘The night in 24 hours’, the current time slot that is broadcast on Canal 24 Horas with Xabier Fortes in front. The talk was marked by an atmosphere of tension that reached its peak when the Vox deputy called the presenter “macho”, for the mere fact of moderating the debate.

Everything happened during a row in Olona with the journalist Elsa Garcia de Blas, which referred to political formation as a party “far-right”. After the interviewee asked her why she had used those words, the gathering answered clearly: “It fits within the parameters of extreme right-wing parties in Europe. It is not an anomaly, it is a party that shares parameters with their counterparts on that political spectrum. ”

Instead of answering the questions raised, Olona looped and began to cross-examine. At that moment, Fortes chose to intervene so that the interview could run its course: “Let’s see, there will be no crossings. The rules are what there are. Journalists ask, politicians, if they are parliamentarians, legislate and respond when they come to an interview“.

“You have asked her twice. You can ask, answer or pass, but we cannot enter this link to ask counter questions when she is the journalist,” he told Olona, ​​who did not hesitate to face the presenter: “Is being really macho. Elsa doesn’t need a lifeguard, I assure you. A little more respect for women, please. ”

An accusation that annoyed Fortes: “Let’s see … I am the moderator of the debate. As I see that there are three questions and three counter-questions, I remember that journalists ask and politicians answer. It is not macho.” “He’s being macho,” the politician insisted as Fortes tried to settle the discussion: “You consider that you are macho, I consider that I am a journalist who moderates”.


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