Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Lyft stops in the stock market, falls almost 7% and sets a new minimum waiting for Uber

Lyft stops in the stock market, falls almost 7% and sets a new minimum waiting for Uber

The transport company on demand Lyft fell back almost 7% at noon on Monday on Wall Street and marked a new minimum in its shares, which fell from $ 56, just two weeks after starting their quotes on the stock exchange and waiting for that his rival Uber debuts on the floor.

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The technology based in San Francisco (California) fell by 6.79% to $ 55.91 per share and was far from the price with which it began operations on the Nasdaq in New York on March 29, 87, 24 dollars, and also the one fixed for its premiere, 72 per title.

With today's data, its market capitalization stood at around 16,000 million dollars.

In addition to the expectation around the debut on the stock market of Uber, with the largest public sale (opv) of recent years as it seeks a valuation of between 90,000 and 100,000 million, also influenced the fall of Lyft the announcement of the withdrawal of their shared-use bicycles in three US cities due to a brake problem.

After several of its bicycles assisted with an electric motor had suffered problems with the brakes and caused accidents to its users, CitiBike -owned by Lyft- announced the withdrawal of the 1,000 vehicles available in New York, and took similar measures in Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

The case of Lyft is paradigmatic in that it is the first of the "Unicorns" - companies that have achieved a value of more than 1,000 million dollars unlisted on the stock market - to debut this year in the markets, which will be the largest batch of technology companies entering the parks since the outbreak of the "dotcom" in the early 2000s.

However, many analysts praised the fact that it was the first - ahead of its main competitor - but also put their doubts about a company that last year lost 911 million dollars with a turnover of 2,200 million.

Uber, for its part, declared losses of 1,800 million dollars with a turnover of 11,300 million dollars.

The next to debut on the stock market will be Pinterest, the popular "internet bulletin board", this week, with a much smaller operation in which it aspires to be valued at 9,000 million at its opening on the stock market, putting 75 million shares into circulation at a price of between 15 and 17 dollars each.


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