Lydia Lozano promotes a solidarity initiative to help La Palma

More and more famous people decide to launch various activities, campaigns or initiatives to help the victims of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano from La Palma.

The reality left by the explosion of the volcano, which is about to reach its 100 days of activity, has moved many famous who do the impossible to contribute their grain of sand to La Palma trees.

One of the celebrities who has started a beautiful and supportive initiative for La Palma has been the beloved television collaborator Lydia lozano.

Lozano was born in La Palma and a large part of his family lives on the island and has suffered the inclemencies and the ravages from the eruption of Cumbre Vieja.

For this question, Lydia Lozano has promoted a solidarity campaign to raise funds for those affected by the volcano.

Charity market

After your visit and due to the extreme gravity of the situation, the Sálvame collaborator has decided to launch a beautiful initiative by and for La Palma.

Lydia Lozano has announced holding a solidarity market to raise money and, later, donate it to those affected by the La Palma volcano.

The characteristic that makes this solidarity market special is that it will sell garments worn by fellow setmates and other well-known personalities from the world of television.

The price of the clothes exhibited at the event it will range between 20 and 40 euros and it will be held this Sunday in Madrid’s Calle de Huertas.

Lydia has highlighted the success of her call, ensuring that “It’s picking up the phone on La Palma and everyone says yes, they don’t think about it” the collaborator was very excited and happy.


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