May 13, 2021

Luna, the Canary Island of the seventh edition of MasterChef – La Provincia

The program came out very strong with a 21% share and 2,176,000 viewers, 4.2 points above the premiere of the sixth season and its best historical start, and in this enormous success this tremendously positive Canary Island stands out, who says she loves to love the cooking and that he was happy creating his recipes and uploading them to YouTube, despite the failure of the channel. The rabbit hutch Luna has made her first steps as an actress and assures that we still do not know her because “she has not come out in many things”.

Holi, holi ?? His entry into MasterChef has been anything but discreet. Happy with this launch of the program in its seventh edition?

Super happy and super happy. It is true that I was nervous and did not know how to enter through that door and how to greet the jury that imposes so much on me.

Is it the first time that you appeared at the TVE’s La 1 talent show contest?

Yes, it is the first time that I presented myself to a talent show from a television contest like this and to a casting with so many people.

Who really is Luna?

I am an outgoing girl, happy, very positive, very sensitive and hardworking, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I still give the image of a crazy woman in life, but when I work I try to be impeccable. I was born in Famara (Teguise, Lanzarote) and I grew up in the country. It was very clear from a young age that she wanted to be an actress. My father started videotaping me when I was very young and I always wanted to suck on camera, because I love to do the show and dress up. Then I went to Madrid to study acting. I found myself in a very difficult and very complicated world, both at school and at casting. I have done little things, but in the end I decided to dedicate myself to yoga to earn money and live, which is something my mother taught me from a very young age. From the age of 7 I go to his yoga courses and to those of his teachers who come from other parts of Spain and Europe. I certified myself in Pilates and hypopressives.

When did you start to get interested in gastronomy?

I am interested in gastronomy from the moment I am aware of how good and positive it is to have a healthy and complete diet. It completely changed my mind. I had a moment in my life when I was lost and I did not know very well where to go, through yoga and food I began to connect with myself. That union made me feel strong, physically and mentally, and I started cooking very healthy things. I was even a vegetarian for three years. Being in my kitchen and cooking is something that makes me happy. It gives me happiness, well-being and health, which is the most important thing.

What gastronomic references of the Canary Islands are part of your day to day, of your memory?

One hundred percent gofio, I love it. Every time there is a plate that I think you can hit, there is the gofio. Makes me crazy. I use it in vegetable soups, creams, salads (sweet or savory). I gofio practically everything, because I freak out. Afterwards, I love wrinkled potatoes. It is true that I do not usually eat them much at home but every time I am in the Canary Islands and I go out, they are never missing. Also fresh fish, because like the one in the Canary Islands you can’t find it anywhere. I love a little old lady in the back.

Without asking him to spoil us, will you surprise during the contest with a Canarian recipe?

I’ll try. I would like to surprise you with some typical Canarian recipe.

Is a yoga teacher compatible with a pure nerve woman, how are you?

[Risas] The truth is that it is not compatible at all. People who are dedicated to the world of yoga and meditation are calm and speak very calmly. I know I am not compatible at all. I know I’m a little crazy, but it’s like that [risas] Yoga is very good for me. I really like motivating people and that start and that energy that I have I try to channel them towards my students in every class that I do.

And what does a rabbit hutch live in Madrid?

I went to Madrid to study acting and, to eat, my hobby, which is yoga, became my profession to live.

What if I name you, for example, Famara?

It is my temple. It is the place where I will find myself again and, whenever I can, I go out to breathe. It is like a breath of fresh air in my life that I need it and as soon as I can I escape, not to reconnect but to connect with myself. Many people go on vacation to disconnect, lie, you live your entire life disconnected and what you need is to connect. What Famara beach does for me is to connect with myself, with my essence, my family and my roots, which for me is something fundamental in life.

What relationship does it have with the Canary Islands?

Very good and wonderful. I love them madly. How can I not love the Fortunate Islands? I feel one more fortunate: they are beautiful and very rich in gastronomy and people. They are my family.

If you reached the final, would you cook a typical recipe from the Archipelago?

Of course; one hundred by one hundred. If I make it to the final, something from the Canary Islands would take my dishes but there is still a long way to go and I don’t know if I’m going to make it. This talent show is very tough and I’m going with my tongue out.

Why is she so loose on camera in the talent?

Since I was little I love cameras. There are people who find it hard to empathize with the cameras and be more relaxed, instead I grow up. Perhaps being an actress has also helped me to be in front of the camera. It is true that they are totally different things because, in MasterChef, I am showing myself. Every actor or actress hides behind a role or character, here I am fully exposed and, even in some moments, I feel naked.

What do you hope your MasterChef experience will bring you?

They say that MasterChef changes lives and I expect a change and an evolution in my life, both personally, emotionally and professionally. I am open to everything and right now I say yes to everything. I don’t even want to think about it, I prefer to be surprised moment by moment.

Is there as good a vibe as it seems among the contestants?

There is very good vibes. It is true that there are pikes, I will not deny you, because there is a lot of ego. But we get along very well.

And what do you expect from Albert, the Barcelona contestant who is a coach and a futsal player, a sport he has practiced professionally and, it seems, has interested you a lot?

When I saw Alberto for the first time in one of the casting he seemed very cute, but that’s it. It turns out that the universe put it before me in the last selection test and there was feeling. We are friends and we get along very well.


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