Lula thanks the company of his supporters during his "martyrdom"

Lula thanks the company of his supporters during his "martyrdom"

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, imprisoned since April for corruption, thanked in a letter sent to his followers this morning for his "company" during "the martyrdom" he is going through, which he also took advantage of to transmit his Christmas greetings.

"I want to thank the company that they make me every day, every day, during that martyrdom, in the cold of Paraná's winter or in the heat of the last days," said Lula, who spent his first Christmas holidays in jail, without luxuries and unaccompanied, in a special cell of the Federal Police of Curitiba, the regional capital of the southern state of Paraná.

According to the former president, "Christmas is the time of year" in which "we remember more strongly the arrival of Jesus and the ideals of Christian solidarity and kindness."

"We approach family and friends, celebrate together, embrace each other and gather strength for the following year," said Lula.

"This Christmas, I can not be physically together with my family, my children and my grandchildren, but I am not alone, I am with you from the vigil, which have been my family," he added.

With no right to family visits or entry of special meals on holidays, Lula followed from his cell the mobilization of hundreds of supporters on the eve, who carried out various cultural and musical activities during the day and, afterwards, held a dinner service and dinner. Christmas in his tribute.

In addition to the festivities of Christmas Eve, the members of the vigil "Lula Libre" will continue with the Christmas celebrations during this Tuesday.

In his letter, the former head of state also advised his supporters to "not fear or be impressed with these people posing as thugs", because he considered that "the true message of Jesus", a "persecuted" by "the promoters of the powerful ", will continue" echoing every Christmas. "

"The fight for a better world continues, Merry Christmas," he concluded.

Lula has been serving a sentence of 12 years and a month since April for corruption uncovered in the largest operation against corruption in the history of Brasi, known as Lava Jato, and which led to the imprisonment of various politicians and businessmen.

The former president was about to leave jail last week thanks to a precautionary measure issued by a magistrate of the Supreme Court of Brazil, but was eventually overturned by the president of that court, Antonio Dias Toffoli.


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