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Luis Suárez touches perfection with two goals of fable

Luis Suárez toca la perfección con dos goles de fábula

In the book Anatomy of an instant,
Javier Cercas crumble the coup of the 23-F 1981 from the complete television sequence of the irruption of Tejero and his henchmen in the Congress of Deputies. From there the writer grabs five moments of great symbolic strength to go threading his speech. At Barça at the moment you could do the same with Luis Suárez. It would be like a Anatomy of two instants. Two perfect flashes. Two executions of honor registration. Two golazos Supine who attest to all their virtues when hitting the ball, from power to precision, from technique to force, from animal instinct to class. The Barcelona jackal tied at the last minute before the Villarreal with a cocoa with the instep that allows both prose and poetry. Last seconds of the added time, the team shipwrecked and armed the left foot in a plastic and effective way. An unappealable auction.

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As unappealable was the goal that brought down the resistance of the giant Oblak. In this case he used the right leg. From the front of the area he put the ball on the opposite pole with a compass, squad and squared trajectory. More than a shot was a millimeter drawing that stayed in the meshes for the right place, between the goalkeeper's mitten and the post. The only place the ball could fit. One piece sums up the perfection of the Uruguayan's shot. It is the first goal that fits in this Oblak League with a shot from outside the area.

Suarez looks fresher in mind and legs after missing matches with his team

Suarez celebrated it in style. It was not be for lowerly. After some stretch in which his performance has again been questioned (every campaign occurs), the Uruguayan arrives at the meeting of the Champions on a roll and to the maximum of confidence. He has seen the door in four of the last five league games and lives in a feverish state that would be more remarkable if he did not have a Messiwhose regularity is unattainable. Neymar, from Paris, he summarized it with the following message in Instagram on a photo of his two ex-companions: "Grandes".

Suarez looks fresher, with legs and mind. When the physicist and the morale accompany him, he feels capable of everything, even providing luxury assistance such as the one he provided to Messi de espuela in the Villamarín. From time to time he makes a wrong decision or performs an action very poorly but makes up for it quickly. The ankle sprain suffered against the Betis, far from short-circuiting it, it has benefited him, since he saved himself an uncomfortable trip to China with his selection in a capital moment of the campaign. Last season he also rebounded when he recovered from a knee problem absent from the commitments of Uruguay but before the matches against the Rome yes he had to play with the blue one.

At Old Trafford he knows what it is to win and score but there he also experienced a controversial episode with Évra

The striker has 23 goals this season (20 in the League and 3 in the Cup) and returns to Europe with the challenge of shaking off an inexplicable double-jersey. The one who says he does not score in the Champions League since September 2015 and the one who specifies that this season has not found the net in the continental competition. Yes, some time seems favorable for me to achieve this.

The scenario is one of those who are respected but also vibrate: Old Trafford. In the United Suarez stadium he lived almost everything in his three and a half years with the Liverpool. There he knows what it is to win by 0-3 and score. He did it in 2014. There he learned the taste of defeat both by scoring a goal (2-1) and without doing so (2-1 and 1-0). But, above all, he starred in one of several controversial episodes of his career.

They will remember it. Premier match of 2012. The two teams form before the start of the match and Suarez refuses to shake hands with the United defender Évra. Then I would apologize. The Frenchman accused the Uruguayan of racism in a previous match between the two teams, comments by which Suarez would be sanctioned with eight matches. The Suárez del Barça, without losing the usual ardor, shows a more contained point. Next goal of 9: prodding From Gea.

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