Luis Rubiales to be investigated for documentary falsehood in the elections – La Provincia

The president of the Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, will be investigated for alleged falsification of documents in the elections that led to his current position, but he is convinced that said complaint, filed by the Royal Madrid Football Federation (RFFM), “it has no route” and “will be filed” by justice.

“The RFEF is convinced that the complaint presented by the president of the Madrid Federation, Paco Díez, has no legal record and will be dismissed, “indicate the Federation’s legal services, who issued a statement in response to the investigation that will lead him to appear on May 21 in Investigating Court number 10 of Madrid.

Díez denounced Rubiales for expanding the number of born members in the Assembly, a lawsuit that will also bring Andreu Camps, his secretary, before the judge. However, the RFEF assures that the General Assembly of June 10 approved “-precisely with the vote of the president of the RFFM -who initiates the complaint- the proposal to expand the natural members of that body by 19 people”, remember the RFEF.

In addition, the federative entity explained that the Assembly of December 16, with the reduction to five born members, “assumed that figure without the need for a new vote, since it was not new but was already implicit in the wording approved, by the vast majority, in the June session. “Rubiales won the elections with 80 votes from the 137 assembly members.

In other matters, the RFEF pointed out that Andreu Camps “informed the CSD that the final wording for the reform of the statutes of the RFEF in this regard is precisely that expressed by the Superior Council of sports, which is the organism that has the capacity to do it “.

And that “the alleged documentary falsehood raised by the complaint is not such since what the Secretary General certifies – and that apparently supports the complaint – is that in the session of December 16 the members of the Assembly were informed of the modifications that had been introduced to bring the agreements adopted in June into line with the authorization of the CSD. “

To conclude, the RFEF said that it already “resigned, at the beginning of the year” to the “expansion of the natural members of the Assembly before holding the elections, including the number of five authorized by the CSD, so that it never took In fact, the Statutes of the RFEF in force today remain those of 2018, “states a statement that makes clear that Díez’s complaint” highlights the intention of the complainant to harm the interests of the President.


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