Luis Roca, of the sentence for a slap to the Galdosian Congress: cancellation or promotion?

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He will speak with Marta de Santa Ana to talk about his documentary about Galdós and Buñuel

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In April 2021, Luis Roca, journalist and filmmaker, was sentenced to a fine of 300 euros for a
crime of mistreatment of work and the payment of compensation of 30 euros to Cristina Andreu, national president of the Cima Association, which brings together women filmmakers and the audiovisual world in general. A year later, Luis Roca and his partner, Marta de Santa Ana, appear as speakers at the next Galdosian Congress, which will be held this month in the capital of Gran Canaria and organized by the Cabildo Insular.

According to the program, both
will intervene on the morning of the 22nd in a panel where ongoing projects related to Galdós will be presented. The one about both is a documentary that they have been filming for at least two years under the title of 'Benito Pérez Buñuel' and that dissects the links between Galdós and the Aragonese filmmaker, who adapted titles by the writer from Gran Canaria.

Martha of Santa Ana.

The presence of Luis Roca in the Galdosian Congress reopens the debate in the cultural world on how to deal with cases in which creators are involved in legal matters, with a firm condemnation in this case
by conformity, and then resume their activity. On this occasion, there is the singularity that the aggression suffered by Cristina Andreu occurred in the context of differences between the two and also with Marta de Santa Ana regarding the representation of the world of cinema. Marta de Santa Ana was a delegate in Canarias de Cima.

The violent incident took place in full celebration of the
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival in 2021, in which Andreu was a member of the jury. When he was having dinner at the La Marinera restaurant, in the capital of Gran Canaria, Luis Roca and Marta de Santa Ana approached him and after an exchange of words, the former struck Andreu in the face with his hand, who filed a complaint.

Judicial hearing in 2021 that ended with the conviction of Luis Roca. /


The fact was publicly condemned by the International Film Festival and by numerous members of the world of cinema throughout Spain.

After the final judicial sentence, Luis Roca published an article in which he apologized for the incident but assured that the version that had been offered of the events
did not fit reality. Likewise, he denied that it was a sexist aggression, which was how the case was defined from the organization of the Film Festival itself.

The documentary that Luis Roca and Marta de Santa Ana plan to present, as a "preview", at the Galdosiano Congress, tells
with subsidies of, at least, the Cabildo, the Government of the Canary Islands.

In October of last year, Luis Roca published the following message on his social networks: "I don't know the legal term (prescribe?) but what happened to me six months ago was so minor (the slightest of how many cases the law contemplates despite the successive front pages of some specific newspaper encouraged by the falsehoods spread by the other parties and recast with great malice by the bad guys, which is what they are for), which yesterday, October 15, at 12 noon, six months later, has remained, for justice, finally
erased, crossed out, removed forever from my 'file'so to speak, as the law establishes that it must be done in cases like that ».

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