Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Luis Merlo surprises a young victim of bullying

One more Friday,Carlos Sobera has been leading 'To see you again', the reunion program, emotional stories and feelings of Telecinco. As usual, the delivery has been carried out by touching stories of anonymous people, but also by popular characters. This time, the actor Luis Merlo He has visited the program to surprise one of his biggest fans.

A brilliant artistic career, backed by three Silver Frames in the category of Theater in his medal list, have turned Luis Merlo in one of the great figures of the Spanish scene. The actor has participated in one of the emotional stories of 'To see you again'. Juani wants his son Cristóbal to meet his favorite actor.

'See you again': Juani wants his son Cristóbal to meet his favorite actor

When you start the program, Luis Merlo He has talked about what theater means to him: “Theater and cinema are different means to reach different places. In the theater, what happens only happens at that moment. Being a spectator child, I became very committed to the spectators and in making them feel what I felt. Every day I go out to the theater, my obligation is to remember that all these people are there so that you make it as happy as you can within your means. ”

The theater makes Cristóbal forget the problems. His parents separated and suffered bullying at school for being different from the others. From that moment, Christopher decided to move away and become a writer of novels and poetry. Since that time, Cristóbal has preferred to stay at home writing stories to be with his friends.

Cristóbal has been speechless to know that it was Luis The one behind the screen. For its part, LuisVisibly excited, he told the little boy that he wanted to tell a very important story for him.

“There was a child of separated parents who had a tremendous bullying in school. Because he was a different child, a very sensitive child and he did not like football player. Only children who have been through it know how hard it is that your society, the school, adds you. One day, that boy looked out at a theater and that boy changed his life and dedicated himself to writing theater and that boy is called Luis Merlo. I just hope that with that tremendous bullying they have done to you and with the separation of your parents, you have found a way. Today I have stopped being your reference because my reference is you ” has insured.

'See you again': At the beginning of the program, Luis Merlo has talked about what theater means to him

“You are my reference and will continue to be until I die. Since I saw him in "The test" I know I want to devote myself to this. I remember perfectly the phrase he told me when I met him. He told me: “The mosquito in the theater has already bitten you” ’”, Cristóbal confessed with tears in his eyes. The young man has performed on the set of 'To see you again' one of the most famous and represented scenes of the universal theater, the monologue of ‘To be or not to be’ from the play The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare.

Finally, Cristóbal has been able to fulfill his dream and has met his favorite artist. Luis and Cristobal have melted into a hug. For its part, Luis He has been affectionate and told the little boy to fight for his dreams.

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